My 24 Hour Emmy Binge or My Slip in Sanity

This weekend I did something a little crazy.  Ok, a lottle crazy.  In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly there was an article written by Marc Snetiker on how to best prepare for the Emmys next Monday.  Well, how to best prepare for the Emmys in only 24 hours and because I’m a weirdo, my first thought was, “I could do this.  I should do this.  I’m GOING to do this.”  I honestly don’t watch a lot of the Emmy shows, especially in the Drama category, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get myself edumacated.

I prepared by making sure I had all of the recommended episodes or at least access to them and by placing an order with Amazon Fresh to make sure I had a cavalcade of themed snacks.  As you should do for any binge.

Oh, and I live-tweeted the whole thing. And it turns out you can tweet a lot in 24 hours.

First show, first snack.

For Orange is the New Black, I watched “Lesbian Request Denied” and I have to say this is one of the viewings that made me want to watch more.

Next up, True Detective.  Needless to say, coming in on episode 4, I was a little confused.

And to answer Snetiker’s questions from the article…

Also, that last long shot?  You know the one. That was awesome.

With The Good Wife next, moving from HBO to CBS was a bit of an adjustment.

But it turns out that I might be intrigued by The Good Wife

From what I understand, “Hitting the Fan” is a pretty intense episode.  Can I expect crazy times like this from all the episodes Good Wife fans?

The train puns kept rolling in…

I got to watch my absolute favorite that also happened to continue my recent obsession with Chris Pratt.

I watched “The Filibuster” which has a great 90’s themed roller skating party because Ben has some weird fetishes.  And this moment.

This marathon probably should have included Orphan Black, but it didn’t because…

For Silicon Valley, I watched the season 1 finale and if you have seen it, you know the moment I am talking about here.

In trying to get a burger for Bob’s Burgers, I really didn’t want to end up with a bunch of leftover ingredients, so this was the result.

I was understandably hesitant, but follow up: they weren’t that bad.

For my dose of Bob’s Burgers, I watched “The Equestranauts” which is the perfect episode for anyone who has ever had to deal with Bronies at Comic Con.


I was really enjoying my episode of Louie until I looked up the nominees for Guest Actress in a Comedy.

It seriously is a travesty.

And now. Oh gosh.

If you want to read about why I don’t like this show, you can, but this also sums it up nicely.

And now for a very valid question:

…and a valid observation.

Those things combined (and some others), I really liked Fargo.  It was creepy, dark, and quietly funny, much like the movie.

Yeah, that’s supposed to be “shows”, but you got the point.

In my book, there is only one way to way to do Downton.

But Mary is really harshin’ my buzz.  I watched the first episode of season 4 where she was robot Mary.

I watched “Alicia”, episode 3 from season 3 and it had some things that I loved.

I am even watching Veep as I type.  I had watched the first two seasons, but I hadn’t gotten around to the third season yet.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Basically just lemonade with some mint in it, but refreshingly delicious.

I really liked it, but I fear my libido couldn’t take any more.  Yowza.  I needed to take a cold shower, but equally effective?

I watched the premiere of season 2, so if you have seen it, you know that there is a pretty shocking scene, but equally shocking?

And now for a SPOILER ALERT (In case you were living under a rock).

About fifteen minutes in, I had to face the harsh reality of my situation. And I brought Marc Snetiker in on the scheme.

And I was able to capture this gem.

All this TV watching didn’t stop me from taking care of the important things in life.

And I got to get back to a show that I’ve actually seen.

I had to take a break from the themed snack pics.

I also got classic Samberg face.

Don’t worry, the break from themed snacks didn’t last long.

I watched an episode called “The Fluffer” and realized that the show lives up to its name.

And now for LA problems.

Okay, that’s enough fresh air.

That apple pie was delicious, by the way.  Frozen Claim Jumper apple pie, consider yourself recommended.

And that was my most retweeted tweet of the experience.  Apparently, fans of The Americans are very proud of their sexy times.

I watched clips from Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

Then things took a dark turn…

I watched the finale of the Coven series and I liked it a lot more than I was expecting.  I had watched most of the first series and got over it.  The opening of this episode gives you no choice but to follow up with this.

The next show forced a confession out of me.

I was forced to see one of my favorites in a brand new light.

And admit when I may need to start watching a new show.

For the sake of my roommates’ regular sleep patterns, I had to transport my little party.

That’s when the lack of sleep hysteria began to set in.

He’s like the gangster Phantom of the Opera.

The later it got, the more concerned I got about my ability to stay awake.  There are only so many caffeinated beverages a girl can drink.

Seriously, never underestimate the power of Tim Riggins’ face.

I can say some pretty crazy/stupid things when I am tired and while I recognize that it takes a bit more effort to tweet something stupid, I still felt this was necessary.

If you’ve seen it, that scene where Ned (Mark Ruffalo) is getting all nervous and antsy for Felix (Matt Bomer) was killing me.  I loved it.

Now, this is something I already knew about myself, but it was real bad with this one, y’all.

I loved it and don’t think it only affected me because it was 3 in the morning.  The performances all around were a-mah-zing and this sounds terrible, but I really wanted a straight person to get AIDS so that they would finally get some help!  I thought about taking a selfie to show how red and puffy my face was but it turns out I have some self respect.  Even at 3 in the morning.

Next on the schedule was to watch “Climb Every Mountain” from the NBC Sound of Music because really that is all you need to watch.

Seriously, Carrie, honey, stick to singing them country songs.  Actually, doesn’t even have to be country songs, just stop trying to act.  I want to continue liking you.

SNL seems like the classic choice, but I think it may go to Amy or Portlandia.

The Creative Emmys had happened by now and I guess True Detective has some good title credits, but the 15 year old boy in me really likes Masters of Sex.  Look it up.

Like, a SHOCKING number of times and all mostly in the week after it came out.

And….that’s where I fell asleep.  Just a little bit!  And I’ve seen it!  So many times I have seen it!  Get off my back.

30 minutes seems like an eternity when you are running on 15 minutes of sleep.

And then…

And literally, I fell asleep one minute after posting that.

What a ride.  A lot of my friends have been expressing how impressed they are with my success in this endeavor and I can’t really imagine why.  It takes very little effort to sit on my butt all day to watch TV, admittedly a lot of TV, and eat themed snacks.  Nevertheless, I do feel a little pride and conquering this feat and a little bit wiser too.  I’m going to make those Emmys my bizznitch.


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