Fangirly Crush of the Week: Colin Jost

colin-jost-618x400So much has happened the last few months- unrest in Eastern Europe, Kate Middleton’s first ever fashion misstep, ect.- that we here at Fangirly have been neglecting our duties.  In the flurry of movie premiers, award show stumbles , and diplomatic crises, we forgot to take a moment to geek out over SNL’s new head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost. He’s got the doofy good looks of a passable TV nerd and the biting wit that makes us hope this could be the start of a whole new SNL. Colin Jost, we salute you.


Web Bytes: Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd

This week has been rough.  I inadvertently made a twelve-year-old boy cry in public (a proud moment for both of us). I just realized that my library books are so overdue, I think it might be punishable by law. And, the cherry, I read that Kim and Kanye may have to call off their wedding, for which we’ve all been breathlessly waiting. HOW MUCH MORE CAN THE HUMAN SPIRIT ENDURE? Anyway, whenever I turn this particular shade of blue, I like to watch clips of The Tonight Show to remind me of how beautiful the human experience can be. Ladies and probably more ladies, I give you the Tonight Show lip synch battle with Paul Rudd.

And because I am a generous soul…



Fangirly Crush of the Week: Jimmy Fallon

jimmy_fallonDing Dong the host is fired.  Yep, Jay Leno is finally stepping down (deja vu?) and Jimmy Fallon is reportedly stepping in to take The Tonight Show in 2014.

13-year old me could not be more excited and present-day me is pretty excited, as well.  When Jimmy Fallon was on SNL, my little heart beat so hard for him.  He used to do a sketch called “Wake Up Wakefield”, where Maya Rudolph was a middle schooler who crushed on his Randy Goldman so hard that she had T-Shirts with his silk screened face.  I wanted that shirt.  I settled for the picture above taped to my wall.

Every time I watch him now, I am reminded of how twitterpated he made me with his dorky charm and “aw-shucks” vibe.  He’s still got it and that’s why I love him.

– Ellen