Fangirly Crush of the Week: Tom Hiddleston

tumblr_mtryl1lnEg1rz0ey2o1_500In doing this “Crush of the Week” feature, I often come up with an idea and think, “There is no way we haven’t already done them” or “I love them way too much to have never chosen them”.  Then I search them on the site and to my utter shock an horror, come up with nothing.

This has never been more shocking than when I searched Tom Hiddleston and came up with nothing in the way of crushing.

I have been crushing on Tom for a while and all his Tumblr love has really pushed me over the edge.  The fangirls love them some Tom Hiddleston.  And why shouldn’t they?  He is an adorably charming sexpot with a voice like butter, plus he can dance.

Earlier this week, his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge made women understand the appeal of a good wet T-Shirt contest.

Thank you, England.  Thank you, God.  Whoever is responsible for this.