The Fangirly Show: Episode #5 Fangirling About the Internet

Whitney and Ellen get a little ranty (well, mainly Ellen) about negativity on the internet, mainly in relation to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Do we all just take in culture differently or do people get off on being sticks in the mud? Plus, Whitney puts Ellen to the test with a round of Holiday Movie themed Marry, Boff, Kill. Will Ellen have to kill off her main crush from Star Wars, BB-8? Listen to find out.

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My 24 Hour Emmy Binge or My Slip in Sanity

This weekend I did something a little crazy.  Ok, a lottle crazy.  In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly there was an article written by Marc Snetiker on how to best prepare for the Emmys next Monday.  Well, how to best prepare for the Emmys in only 24 hours and because I’m a weirdo, my first thought was, “I could do this.  I should do this.  I’m GOING to do this.”  I honestly don’t watch a lot of the Emmy shows, especially in the Drama category, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get myself edumacated.

I prepared by making sure I had all of the recommended episodes or at least access to them and by placing an order with Amazon Fresh to make sure I had a cavalcade of themed snacks.  As you should do for any binge.

Oh, and I live-tweeted the whole thing. And it turns out you can tweet a lot in 24 hours.

First show, first snack.

For Orange is the New Black, I watched “Lesbian Request Denied” and I have to say this is one of the viewings that made me want to watch more.

Next up, True Detective. Continue reading

Fangirly Exposed: When Fandom Takes Its (Literal) Toll

Season-3-of-Sherlock-Starts-Shooting-This-MondayAs some of you may or may not be aware, BBC’s Sherlock will be coming back to the US on January 18th with its third season.  As perhaps less of you may be aware, it is currently airing in the UK and because I have already had to wait two years for the resolution to season 2’s finale, “The Reichenbach Fall”, I was NOT about to wait two more weeks.  Yes, I am using less than… savory methods to get my hands on it, but a fangirl has got to do what a fangirl has got to do.

The first two episodes have been brilliant, or in the words of my favorite tweet about the premiere “cracking good telly” (so cute and British!).  My intent with this post is not to spoil anything, but instead to air out my dirty laundry about how this show is currently affecting me.

The season 3 finale is set to air this Sunday (these 3 episode seasons fly by far too quickly), and in reading non-spoilery reviews for the finale, I am causing myself to literally become sick and enter full blown panic attacks.  Yesterday, while reading an article during work hours, I had to literally stifle a scream with my scarf.

My roommate came home and told me about some real life issues that she is facing and all I could come back with was “Well, the Sherlock finale is on this week and I am having a meltdown.”  To which she responded with something about getting a boyfriend.  Psh.  Overrated.

Tell me I am not alone.  Someone please assure that I am not the only one whose health and mental well-being is affected by fictional characters in a fictional world.  I’m not, right?