Fangirl Poetry: Ode to Jamie Fraser

Please don’t move, sit right where you’ve sat,

Kick off your boots and untie that cravat


‘Cause I’m dropping a beat ’bout that man among men,

That Highland Hottie, James Fraser, ya’ ken?


For, thanks to his curls and those breeches so tight,

I can’t sleep a wink and I can’t eat a bite

200 (1)

He keeps it so tight, he might rupture a tendon,

He’s the world’s most spectacular Fraser, after Brendan

200 (3)

Not to be crass, and not to be crude,

But some people should never NOT be nude

giphy (2)

And though it’s easy to get lost in that Scottish lilt,

He’s a person, so much more than what’s under his kilt


He can do all sorts to earn the love of a wench,

Like say, “Hey girl” in Greek and French


200 (2)

When presented with one so sexy and bold,

One feels compelled to seek out a shower that’s cold


And though my love for Jamie is pure,

Our courtship will surely be rated “M” for Mature

200 (5)

For roses are red, and the Highlands aren’t flat,

So you can bet I’d take a bite outta that


Whitney Weldon


The Fangirly Show: Episode # 10 Fangirling Over Marvel v. DC

Whitney and Ellen get into it over the heated subject of Marvel vs. DC.  Who’s winning?  Is it even a feud to begin with?  We know you will have opinions.  Plus, another humiliating game of Truth or Dare in which Whitney does some stellar musical impressions and Ellen spits some rhymes from Hamilton with a mouthful of popcorn.

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The Fangirly Show: Episode #6 Fangirling Over the Best of 2015

Ellen and Whitney go through their favorites of 2015, everything ranging from books to music, movies and TV, performances and scenes.  We’ve got you covered.  Will Ellen go a full hour without talking about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?  (Don’t count on it.)  Will Whitney be able to overlook the swooniness of Oscar Isaac?  (Don’t put money on it.)  But still listen to find out.

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The Fangirly Show: Episode #4 Fangirling Over Girl Power

Ellen and Whitney get deep into it while discussing strong females on TV and movies, diving into which shows are doing the ladies proud and which have some explaining to do.  How are gender politics affecting fandoms?  And is SNL doing right by its ladies?  Plus, a rapid fire game of Either/Or to get to know us better.  Star Wars or Star Trek?  Friends or Seinfeld?  Listen to find out!

You can listen and subscribe HERE on iTunes or you can go HERE to listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

girl power

10 TV Couples That Are My Relationship Goals

There are many relationships on TV but only few are chosen… by me to someday emulate.  Many are fraught with drama and while those are fun to watch, I hope to someday have one that is more like the following:

10.  Monica and Chandler (Friends) – These two were my first OTP (internet speak for “One True Pairing”).  Shmoss and Shmachel, I only cared about Monica and Chanandler Bong.  I like that his amount of dorky is the perfect match to her amount of crazy.

monica and chandler

9.  Bob and Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) – The Belchers are not only a relationship goal but a family goal.  Someday I hope to raise a similar band of weirdos.  Bob and Linda stick together and accept each other’s eccentricities amidst all the chaos.

8.  Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley (The Office) – Speaking of chaos, in a different bunch of weirdos, these two found each other.  They might have had a few (infuriating) bumps along the way to find each other but they did it.  I always loved that their relationship felt real.  They initially bonded over shared jokes and stayed together through hard work. Continue reading

About Last (Saturday) Night: Outlander Gif Reactions

This was originally posted to my Tumblr, but I spent too long on it not to recycle.  That and it makes me laugh.  (Not all gifs are mine. sorry…)



Jamie just being his adorable self and trying to preserve her honor


Their getting to know each other was sweet and all, but I was a bit distracted.


“To bed or to sleep?”


The undressing


That first kiss?


“I was a virgin, not a monk.”


Jamie’s post-coital glow



When Jamie and Claire go downstairs to get food


When Claire kept rejecting Jamie’s adorable advances




The wedding ceremony


“I want to look at you”


Me trying to keep it cool during all the sexy times by hiding behind a pillow…


…but failing



“Does it happen every time?”


“Does that hurt?” (AKA Jamie’s O face)






Probably Dougal from now on whenever he sees Claire and Jamie


The scene with the pearls




By the end of the episode



When I remember that I am not Claire




When my roommate walks in on the fourth viewing


Fangirly Crush of the Week: Sam Heughan (but really Jamie Fraser)

You may see our “Crush of the Week” feature and wonder how there are enough crushes in the world to have a new one every week, but TV is a ever-running fountain of men to crush on.  Recently, this fountain gave me the greatest gift of all, a physical embodiment of Jamie Fraser from the Outlander book series coming in the swoony form of one Sam Heughan.

Despite loving it, I have been hesitant to recommend Outlander because it has sexytimes and having read the book, I know there are more to come.  However, I cannot recommend crushing on Sam Heughan enough. I mean…


Yes, sir.  You are.

I have yet to see Sam Heughan in anything other than Outlander, so I have to question how much of my crush is dependent on him playing the manly, adorable, gentlemanly Highlander, Jamie Fraser.   He ain’t no slouch as himself either, though.


Oh, stop it, you.

But you guys, I really cannot stress enough…

jamie gif


jamie 3



jamie 4



jamie 2

Ugh.  Is it Saturday yet?

– Ellen