Fangirly Crush of the Week: Patrick J. Adams!

He’s hilarious, he’s adorable, and his role as Mike Ross on USA’s legal drama Suits made this girl’s summer hiatus a little more bearable. And speaking as someone still reeling from the Suits season finale, all I can say is that January cannot come soon enough. Patrick J. Adams, we salute you.

Oh, you’re still not convinced? Try this clip on for size.


Fangirly Exposed!: The Trailer for Pitch Perfect

I have a problem.  Please know that I admit this knowing full well that this movie will not win any awards and it is still up in the air as to whether it will be any good, but I cannot stop watching the trailers and clips for Pitch Perfect.

Those who know me, know that I love a good song and dance number and maybe I am beginning to feel the loss of The Sing-Off, but I want to see this movie.  Nay, I’m excited for this movie.  Don’t ask me how it happened, because I’m not sure myself.  All I know is the first time I saw the trailer, I thought, “That looks kinda lame with funny lines from Rebel Wilson.”  Now, I have watched the scene of their underground a capella battle THRICE!  The fact that it is an “underground a capella battle” is bad enough, but they are also able to do impromptu harmonies and dance moves for “S&M”, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “I’ll Make Love to You”, “Feels Like the First Time”, and “No Diggity”.  And Anna Kendrick raps!  Even with all of that implausibility, though, I still want to see it because it looks like it will be a good time.

Whew.  That feels better.  It’s great to get that out there.  Now, feel free to judge how you will.

In with the Old: Empire Records

Empire Records has ruined all of my summer part-time job experiences. You think I’m kidding? Imagine my horror, when I showed up for my first day of work at Don Pedro’s Family Mexican Restaurant, to find that my boss was NOT a curmudgeonly but lovable ex-drummer, no one had ever shaved their head in the bathroom sink, and I had no veto rights in regards to music choices. My co-workers actually did turn out to be a rag-tag group of misfits, but not in a cool way. It’s ok, though. The fact that my summer joe-jobs never play out like a cult comedy only furthers my appreciation for this awesome, awesome movie.

It’s hard to pin down what exactly makes this film so friggin’ spectacular. It might be snappy dialogue, the awesome cast, or maybe the killer soundtrack, packed with all the 90’s alt-rock a lady could wish for. Or, more likely, it’s because this movie is so weirdly polarizing; either you love it or you hate it, and simply by loving it I get to be part of an exclusive club. (If that sounds snobbish, remember that this is a club that worships a movie about a bunch of losers working in a record store). And someday, I may have to move past this juvenile obsession I have with Empire Records. I may have to learn to appreciate Wes Anderson movies and try really hard to get into The Killing. But for now, I’m gonna stick with what I know.
Damn the man, save the Empire!


Thank You, So You Think You Can Dance

Every summer begins the same way.  May rolls around, all of my shows have just finished rolling out their season finales, and I am left with a hole in my heart.  How will I get through this?  Then, like a beacon of light shining through the grey clouds within the depths of my soul, So You Think You Can Dance premieres and I know that everything is going to be okay.

SYTYCD (as the cool kids abbrev it) is the best show of the summer, every summer and I am going to list the reasons why:

1) Dancing! – I will start this one off with a disclaimer.  I. Love. Dancing movies.  That being a said,  a  show that takes the only redeemable quality from dancing movies (no, not the acting) and gives it to me on a weekly basis is always going to be a-OK in my book.  Whether the dancers are launching themselves at each other in a contemporary piece, throwing it down in a hip-hop piece, or getting down in a jazz piece, I am loving every minute. Is every dance number on SYTYCD amazing?  No, but when it delivers, it delivers a beautifully wrapped package containing a bomb that I am to then insert into my ear.  So that it can blow my MIND!

2) Low investment– You can get as involved in SYTYCD as you want.  I have had seasons where I only care about the dancing, so I only watch the dancing.  I have had seasons where I want to know every bit of back story on the contestant, every caterwauling critique from Mary Murphy, every quip from Cat Deeley, so I watch the whole episode. Now, with the new format and no results show, it has become even less high maintenance.

3) Judges – Stay with me on this one.  I like the judges on this show.  Is Mary a bit crazy?  Yes.  Is Nigel a bit pervy?  Yes.  Despite all that, though, they know what they are talking about and it shows.  On occasion, there will be a dance that leaves me feeling less than enthusiastic, but I am not always able to pinpoint why.  That’s where the judges come in.  Plus, the addition of a new guest judge every week mixes it up nicely and gives a different voice to the panel, whether I like that voice (ADAM!) or not (Tyce).

4) The lovely Cat Deeley– If this woman doesn’t win the Emmy for Best Reality Host, I will lose all faith in the Academy (like that hasn’t already happened).  She really is the best out there, though.  She is charming, funny, and shows a genuine interest in the dancers and the choreography.  Girlfriend throws an annual 4th of July BBQ at her house for all of the dancers!

5) Summer tunage – Perhaps the most important reason of all (after dancing, because, c’mon), SYTYCD always supplies me with a solid summer playlist.  Whether they be songs that I have never heard or songs that I have loved my whole life, there is something about setting choreography to song that makes it really stick with you. For example, I can never hear “Ramalama Bang Bang” without “unzip[ping] my body, take my heart out” like in that Wade Robson piece.

There you have it.  Did I miss something?  What has been your favorite dance of the season so far?  (“Bang Bang” or “The Lovecats”, see below) Who is your favorite choreographer? (NappyTabs, Wall, Tookey, or Sonya)  Let us know in the comments below!

– Ellen

Web Bytes: New Castle Promo

Mmhmm.  Yeah.  I’m pretty excited for the new season.

In case you are not aware, Castle and Beckett finally knocked boots at the end of  last season.  No way to fake amnesia with that, Beckett!  Judging from this new promo, it looks she has no desire to forget this, though.

How do you feel about this development for them?  Is the will they, won’t they tension gone?


Fangirly Exposed! : Bad Slasher Movies

We’ve all got cinematic skeletons in our closet. You know, the movies and TV shows that you desperately hope your friends and family don’t come across in the Recently Watched section of your Netflix account. My dirty little secret just happens to be… slasher movies.

I’m not even talking about the socially acceptable flicks that fall under this category, like the Scream movies, or Nightmare on Elm Street, or even Halloween and its many sequels. I’m talking about the nasty, gory, plot-less, mindless trash that your weird 30-year-old-cousin-who-still-listens-to-Creed wouldn’t watch. I recently stumbled across a revolting little gem called Shadow, in which four strangers are tortured by an inexplicably shirtless sadist in the middle of the Albanian wilderness. I watched all of that garbage. Twice.

Part of the reason I continue to feed my sick addiction is that, if you sift through the refuse long enough, you will stumble across a few that are surprisingly good. Not Oscar fodder or anything, but better than you would expect. My personal favorite is Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon. It’s pretty meta, so if that’s not your flavor then you might want to take a pass, but if you like self-referential horror movies then this one is totally worth your time.

There! I said it. I gotta admit, it feels good to come clean. Now excuse me, I gotta go watch some co-eds get sliced open by a psycho. A gore junkie’s work is never done.


Anglophiles Anonymous: Spaced

For our inaugural post, we decided we needed to write about something very dear to us.  Something that is an essential for fangirls and fanboys, for that matter.  It is for this reason that I am going to try and convince you to watch Spaced (available on Netflix Instant).

Spaced is written by and starring Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible: Ghost Prots, Shaun of the Dead) and Jessica Hynes née Stevenson (Son of Rambow) and directed by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead).  Now, in my opinion, all of that should be enough to convince you, but I’ll keep going.

The show centers on Tim (Pegg) and Daisy (Stevenson), two aspiring artists, comic book and writer, respectively, who lie about being a couple to get an apartment.  The initial premise becomes less important as we follow them and their friends on their crazy exploits.  The “crazy” comes less from what they are doing and more from what happens when this group does them, as is evident in the following clip where Tim and his friend Mike (the awesome Nick Frost) explain “male telepathy” and what happens when Tim and Daisy are set upon by a group of ruffians:

The best thing I can equate Spaced to for us American audiences is Community (six seasons and a movie!).  Both shows aren’t afraid of genre-bending here and there, they both find time to focus on the relationships amidst the chaos, and both are aware that we as a society use our shared experiences of movies, TV shows, etc. to communicate.  Take, for example, this clip from the premiere of series 2 that aired the summer after Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out:

When I sat down to write this post, I was struggling to find a way to sway you readers into watching.  The reality that I had to face is that not everyone is going to love Spaced as much as I do.  Should they?  Yes. But can I make them?  No.  It’s a quirky little show that makes obscure references.  But it is for these reasons that I love it.  There is a moment near the end of the series that references the obscurest of my favorite movies.  I’m talking about Bugsy Malone.  This movie is so far off people’s radars that when I meet someone who has seen it, we become instant friends.  That’s how I know Spaced and I have formed an unbreakable bond and I think that if you watch, you too can find your Bugsy Malone reference.  .

– by Ellen

Welcome to Fangirly!

The day has finally come, the moment that only we have been waiting for, the launch of our new website,! We really have been excited to start and judging from some of the stuff that we have planned the fun is just beginning.

Like our tagline suggests, we consider ourselves to be fairly intelligent, discerning human beings, but you stick us in front of TV screen, movie screen, iPod/Pad screen, really any screen, and something strange happens. We lose all sense of how rational people behave. We squeal, laugh hysterically, sob, and do this weird thing that only select members of our family do, rub our hands together out of excitement.

We wanted to give you a little taste of the fun that is to come, so here are some of the features we will be doing here at Fangirly:

Sweet Streams: Do you ever sit down in front of your Netflix account and wonder what you should watch next? “Sweet Streams” will be our recommendations for what you should be streaming to your myriad of devices.

Grade A, Choice Picks: We’re going to give you our top picks for a variety of categories. Curious as to our top food fight scenes?  Top movies based on SNL skits? Top TV bromances? We are going to rank whatever our little hearts desire, because it gives us a false sense of superiority.  Join us, won’t you?

Fangirly Exposed!: Look we all have things that we are embarrassed to like, guilty pleasures, if you will. We are going to do the smart thing and announce ours on the internet!

Fanmanly: While we here at Fangirly enjoy our fair share of romance and polka dots and… other girly stuff, we still like to get down and dirty with the boys. (Insert innuendo of choice here). “Fanmanly” is our look at shows, movies, etc. that leave us feeling just a little more hardcore.

Anglohphiles Anonymous: Whether it be the accents, the dry wit, or the general regal air, we love the Brits and their entertainment (at least everything that makes it across the pond).  Check out picks for the finest that the UK has to offer.

Agree to Disagree: Let it be said that we agree on a lot, but there are also some things on which we will never see eye to eye.  Enjoy as Ellen wins every argument (No, Ellen didn’t write this).

In with the Old: Remember the day when movies and TV shows weren’t all spinoffs, sequels, remakes, and re-imaginings? Us, too! With this feature we hope to remind the future generations that we  were once able to come up with novel concepts.  Because we believe the children are our future.

Marry, Boff, Kill:  We once spent an entire camping trip playing this game, arguing over our choices, and disowning each other for killing certain people.  Now we are bringing the game to you guys so you can relish in watching us argue over (never going to happen) hypothetical situations.

Fangirly Crush of the Week: Pretty self-explanatory, but our spotlight on who is rocking our world.  At least for that week.

We have a lot planned and we are really excited to start.  Hopefully you will find the time to stop by and see what we are up to!  – by Ellen and Whitney