Ellen and the Incredible, Exhausting, So Good, Very Rad Day(s) at Comic Con

Well, I did it.  I survived yet another year at Comic Con, and while I have not been this tired in quite a while, every lost hour of sleep, every sore butt from sitting in the same chair for hours, every hour spent squished in line with a bunch of fellow nerds was worth because this was an EPIC year!  I feel like I say this about every year at Comic Con, but I am super serious, you guys.  If you don’t believe me check out the slideshow below or my thoughts on the panels that we attended.  Skip around to the stuff you like, read it all (if you have no life), I don’t care.

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Psych the Musical Midnight Screening: After dealing with heinous Comic Con traffic from LA to San Diego and checking into our hotel, my mom and I headed downtown (yeah, I go to Comic Con with my mom.  What’cha gonna do about it?!).  Continue reading

Fangirly Crush of the Week: Aaron Turner of So You Think You Can Dance!

aaronsd_02-aaron-foxcom_0056_pw2Just when I think the Fangirly Babe-Pool is running dry, I get slammed with a shiny new quasi-celebrity crush. I say ‘quasi-celebrity’ because Aaron Turner, SYTYCD‘s new tall and tasty tapper, isn’t exactly a household name. Yet.  In my unprofessional opinion it’s only a matter of time before Aaron goes from smokin’ hot dance show contestant to America’s Broadway hunk de jure (think Cheyenne Jackson, only straight. Probably). Let me show you what I’m talking about.

That guy should goes sleeveless. All the time.


Fangirly Exposed: I Am a Binge-Watching Harlot and Addict

how-i-met-your-motherOn the 5th of July, I found myself faced with an entire day devoid of work, errands, and pressing social engagements.  Sure, my apartment could have used a good cleaning and a stop by the gym was in order, but I instead chose (wisely, in my opinion) to stay in my pajamas and marathon a TV show.  Seeing as how I am a glutton for not having a life, I chose a show that has long been recommended to me during the course of its run.  What followed was 8 days of watching 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother, which after doing the math comes to 67 1/2 hours of television.   However, it is not nearly three complete days of watching TV that is shameful.  No, the shame comes from the fact that I don’t regret it at all.

My behavior while binging leaves me cringing (see what I did there?).  When I watch a show, I become literally addicted to that show and no, my use of “literally” is not hyperbole.   I read about the show online, I watch cast interviews, I shamefully read terrible fanfiction, I laugh at bloopers, I re-watch my favorite episodes, and I sound like a crazy person discussing all of these weird obsessive tendencies in a blog post. Netflix has basically become my dealer, feeding my unhealthy TV watching habits and the new autoplay feature is like having the needle in my arm, constantly feeding me my next fix.

Why can’t I be a normal person and spread this behavior out over an extended period of time?  Oh, yeah, because I am kind of a slut.  I’ll hop into bed with just about anything.  Comedy, drama, sci-fi, paranormal, anything!  The networks should just refer to me as the village bicycle, ’cause mama makes the rounds.  My passion for a show is fleeting and my binge-watching habits are the equivalent of a one-night stand, because I use ’em and abuse ’em.

Right now, sure, I am pretty obsessed with How I Met Your Mother, but next week I’ll probably be blogging about my intense obsession with something like Pretty Little Liars or Merlin.  Stay tuned because it is bound to happen, but you can bet it will be legen-, wait for it, dary!


Top Five Things I Miss About the 2000’s

It’s the year 2013, and you know what that means: the 21st century is officially a teenager! This is pretty fitting because if I had to pick three words to describe my year so far they would probably be awkward, surly, and pubescent. And while the 2010’s have been a thrill, this millennial has been reminiscing about  all the things that made the 2000’s so hecka awesome.

sGbIU2cBTNutBApXJFMS_Myspace5) Myspace- If myspace.com were a person, it would be that super popular but kinda gross guy that you hung out with in high school, who you recently bumped into at your 5 year reunion and, what a surprise, he’s got more ink than a Laserjet printer and he’s still pursuing his rap career in spite of all his trouble with hepatitis. Luckily, you’re with Facebook now, and the two of you are very happy together.  Uggs

4) Ugg Boots- This one is on us. I mean, the manufacturer actually named these boots after the noise you make when you see old people making out or when you step in something gross. Or the noise you make when you realize that you spent years of your life wearing glorified Moon Boots. Ugg, indeed.

3) Razor Scooters- guys, I came so close to doing a 180 one time. SO CLOSE.

2) SNL

ewan_mcgregor-tuxedo1) Ewan McGregor- What do you get when you combine a 12 year old Whitney, printable iron-0ns, and way too much free time? A bunch of pillow cases with this guys face on them. No shame.

-Whitney (Mrs. Ewan McGregor)