Somebody Convince Me: Game of Thrones

maxresdefaultMy reasons for waiting this long to even attempt breaking into Game of Thrones are manifold. Firstly, because watching HBO’s hottest show is a bit rough when you don’t have HBO. Or an actual TV (bless the internet).  Also, my tolerance for televised incest is pretty low; I mean, that is ground that even Law and Order: SVU fears to tread. And from what I have been told, there is a stunning amount of Bro-Boffing going on in this show, leading me to conclude that siblings in Westeros must not have to share a bathroom. Because I firmly believe that walking into a water closet that your brother or sister has completely destroyed would nip any incestuous inklings right in the bud.

My final reason for steering clear of GoT for this long is that, well, I’ve actually seen George R. R. Martin, and he has got a george-rr-martinparticular look. You know, the Neighbor Who Writes His Own Pornographic Fanfic look. Before you say it, I totally understand how mean that sounds, but LOOK AT WHAT HE WRITES: Hot chicks, dragons, tons of sex and violence. I’m just saying, he fits a very particular profile. So please, someone convince me why I should get over my hangups about today’s most zeitgeisty show and learn to love Game of Thrones.


3 thoughts on “Somebody Convince Me: Game of Thrones

  1. I think someone waaaaaay overhyped the amount of Bro-Boffing. The amount of times that happens in the show can be counted on one hand. Not using the thumb. Or all of the fingers. It’s really not that bad.

    As for GRRM, he’s okay. Sure, he looks like an old creep, but he’s okay.

    The books are really great, and the show, while prone to excess here and there, really does a faithful adaptation. It’s a thrilling show to watch.

  2. The broboffing is consensual.

    Also, the guy totally wrote for Beauty and the Beast.
    This unicorn was his “what I can’t put on TV” list.

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