Fangirly Crush of the Week: Grant Gustin

Audi And Derek Lam Kick Off Emmy Week 2012You know what I love about TV? Anything is possible. I mean, network television is the only place where a Disney Prince like Grant Gustin (star of the CW’s new hit The Flash) could convincingly pass as a physics nerd who just can’t seem to get some strange. Do TV executives really think that girls hate math and science so much that we would overlook a guy this seismically sexy because he’s a college educated professional who likes to talk about particle physics? I’m having a really hard time not feeling insulted.

The truth is CW, nobody’s buying it. I honestly believe that this man could play a dumpster-diving cannibal with a bad case of halitosis and a third arm growing out of his neck, and my reaction would still be…


So, Grant Gustin, we here at Fangirly salute you. You are great, your new show is great, and we look forward to watching you inexplicably not get laid for many years to come.