Lighten Up, DC Comics

why-so-serious-the-joker-3122768-1024-768Today DC Comics announced their plans for 10 upcoming movies including The Flash, Aquaman, a stand alone Wonder Woman, Shazam, and 2 Justice League movies.  While this news does excite me, it fills me with some degree of trepidation, as well.  I need to make it clear that I will always welcome more superhero movies because I am a sucker for superhero movies.  However, Warner Brothers’ recent mandate that this upcoming slate of movies will have no humor really does not work for me.

I think I understand why they are doing this.  The Dark Knight Batman movies are far and away DC Comics’ most successful and at least ranking as such for Warner Brothers and those movies are assuredly not the most gut-busting.  At least not in the laughing way.  Removing the humor is also a pretty good way to set themselves apart from Marvel.

It’s pretty clear that DC Comics wants to follow in Marvel’s success and create their own “cinematic universe”, but this really doesn’t seem like the way to do it.  At this point, Marvel is guaranteed success because we know their films are going to be an entertaining, enjoyable, good time at the movies. “Enjoyable” being the key word.  People were wary of the unknown Guardians of the Galaxy but once word got out that it was funny, it became the biggest movie of the year so far.

I had multiple issues with Man of Steel, but perhaps my biggest was that Superman needed to lighten up or at least people needed to make jokes at his expense, otherwise he is just an indestructible pretty boy and who likes those?  Then when you throw characters like Aquaman in the mix, I don’t know how seriously I am going to be able to take it.  Even if he is played by the oh-so-imposing Jason Mimoa.  None of comic book source material is without at least some form of levity, especially The Flash and Wonder Woman, and I have to imagine that the humor of those series has aided in their success.  DC Comics has also done pretty well with their TV series and again, I think a lot of that has to do with the shows being fun to watch.  Even the gloomy Gotham has some laughs.

All that being said, DC, I will still see your movies, I just wish you made it easier for me to look forward to it.

– Ellen

6 thoughts on “Lighten Up, DC Comics

  1. No one said that there won’t be any humor in the films for one. For two even if that were true who the fuck cares you don’t need humor to make a good superhero film. So fucking marvel can announce a shit ton of movies and that’s awesome but DC announces theirs and they need to lighten up? Fuck you shut the fuck up.

  2. I am biased: I know a LOT, like an exhaustive amount, about Marvel, and only MOST things about DC, but I firmly agree with your views. In general, the writing for Marvel, on screen and off, is usually more humanizing and you can relate to the characters’ dimensional depth (including humor).

    DC’s weakness, with the notable exception of Batman’s character, has been caricature-esque writing that takes itself too seriously, while failing to draw you in. I am generalizing, but try to think of something quirky or interesting about Superman’s personality…I dare yah.

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    Warner Bros. just announced 10 DC movies and their release dates. Now….while I am always up for a super-hero movie…..I am cautiously optimistic that DC can pull it off. I am hopeful…..what do you think? Can DC achieve the kind of success that Marvel has? Can they do it as well as Marvel has? I guess we’ll just have to wait, with fingers and toes crossed, and see.

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