Fall Movie Prediction Awards

I usually do a list of the top 10 movies I am most excited to see before a movie season, but there are just too many coming up, so I thought I would try something a little different this time.

The Hipster Award or Movie Most Likely to Make Me Whip Out My Belle & Sebastian Albums: God Help The Girl – Seriously, watch that trailer and tell me that the hipsters aren’t going to gaga for it.  (Sept. 5)

DIYS2Movie I Am Most Likely to See Just Because of James McAvoy – The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them – But also, the concept is intriguing and stuff.  (Sept. 12)

Movie Most Likely to Make Me Terrified of Idris Elba…But Still Find Him Incredibly Sexy: No Good Deed – This one is also the most likely to make me start singing songs from Wicked. (Sept. 12)

The “Try and Take Me Seriously” Award: The Skeleton Twins – In all seriousness, this looks really good and Hader and Wiig are pretty convincing in their dramatic turn.  (Sept. 12)

13890-1The “Well, Hello, Matthew Crawley” Award: The Guest – Yeah, I’m pretty sure he is supposed to be a bad guy, but have you seen him in this trailer.  (Sept. 17)

Movie Most Likely to Make Me Say, “Another Dystopian YA Novel Adaptation?  Sure, Why Not?”: The Maze Runner – Also, from the two seasons that I have watched of Teen Wolf, I know that Dylan O’Brien is stinkin’ adorable so that helps, too. (Sept. 19)

The Gay Moriarty Award: Pride – Sounds like fanfiction.  But I am also a sucker for quaint little movies from across the pond and this looks like it will fit the bill quite nicely. (Sept. 19)

The Tina Fey Effect Award: This is Where I Leave You – Tina is pretty much my hero, so I am obligated to see this no matter the Rotten Tomatoes rating.  Also, I read the book, so I’ve already put in the time.  (Sept. 19)

Movie Most Likely to Make Want to Adopt a Fictional Creature : Boxtrolls – Because have you seen them?  They are adorable. (Sept. 26)

downloadThe “Andre 3000? Like from Outkast?” Award: Jimi: All is by My Side – Rock star biopics have become all the rage and this one looks psychadelic.  I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson, this is for real.  (Sorry, I had to make one Outkast reference and “shake it like a Polaroid picture” seemed too obvious).  (Sept. 26)

Movie Most Likely to Make Me Skeeved Out by Ben Affleck: Gone Girl – I am probably the only person in America to have not read the book yet, but I have faith in Fincher so I am pretty excited for this one.  Also! Casey Wilson and NPH?! Sign me up! (Oct. 3)

Movie Most Likely to Make Me Grateful That I Never Displayed Any Musical Talent: Whiplash – See, Mom?  This is why I never did my piano practice.  You’re welcome.  But also, this looks good.  (Oct. 10)

The Next Stop on the Michael Keaton Comback Tour: Birdman – Weird dark comedy with an awesome cast that is already getting Oscar buzz?  Yeah, I’ll be there.  (Oct. 17)

The Endeavouring to Make Me Get Me Over My Dislike of Keira Knightley Award: Laggies –  I have a lot of unexplained antagonism for Keira.  I think it is the perpetual pout.  But this looks pretty good.  (Oct. 24)

The Bad News Bears Award: St. Vincent – I love me some cantankerous old men taking children under their wings to humorous and touching effect.  (Oct. 24)

hornsThe Next Stop on the Daniel Radcliffe Sheds the Wizard Typecasting Tour: Horns – The American accent helps.  And oh yeah, the horns, too.  This is already the movie that is most active on Tumblr.  (Oct. 31)

The Most Effective Trailer: Men, Women & Children – This one also gets bonus points for Jason Reitman, dramatic Adam Sandler and Judy Greer, and crying Augustus Waters. (Oct TBA)

The Marvel Bump Award: Big Hero 6 – I am now to the point where I will see a silly animated movie just because it is Marvel. (Nov. 7)

The Movie People are Going to See Just Because it is Directed by Christopher Nolan: Interstellar– But also because it will probably be a pretty good movie with some decent star power attached.  (Nov. 7)

foxcatcher-teaser-2The Out of the Box Casting Award: Foxcatcher – Yeah, that’s Steve Carell and he is already getting Oscar buzz.  Did you ever think you think you would see that happen? (Nov. 14)

The Movie That Will Probably Be Stupid But I Still Want to See It Award: Beyond the Lights – You guys, I am a sucker when it comes to movies geared toward African American audiences, especially when there is singing.  (Nov. 14)

The Most Likely to Force Shia LeBouf out of Retirement: Fury  – Also, the Brad Pitt bump award. (Nov. 14)

dumb-and-dumber-2-to-imageThe Most Likely to be Disappointing to My Generation: Dumb and Dumber To – I think nostalgia clouds people’s memory of how stupid this movie actually is.  Funny, but stupid.  (Nov. 14)

The Unnecessary Splitting Award: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 – Listen when you are up against The Hobbit and you still win this award, you know that your splitting into two movies is really unnecessary.  (Nov. 21)

The Benedict Cumberbatch Bump Award: The Imitation Game – Why does Keira Knightley continue to be in movies that I want to see?  First, Pride and Prejudice and now this.  Also, Whitney will see it for Allen Leech. (Nov. 21)

The Ellen’s Ultimate Comedy Crush Casting: Horrible Bosses 2 – It is like I cast this movie myself.  (Nov. 26)

The Makeupless Reese Witherspoon Award: Wild – It was a tough race, but this one won the fight.  (Dec. 5)

exodus_movie_2The “Am I Really Supposed to Believe These People are Ancient Egyptians?” Award: Exodus: Gods and Kings – Because last time I checked, Sigourney Weaver is pretty white.  Doesn’t mean I’m not going to see it.  (Dec. 12)

The Culmination of the Past Two Holiday Movie Seasons: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies – Also, the trifecta of Freeman/Cumberbatch/Armitage is too much for me to ever pass up. (Dec. 17)

The Family Movie I Not Ashamed About Wanting to See: Annie – Again, I am a sucker for musicals and every time “Hard Knock Life” kicks in, I am dancing in my seat.  (Dec. 19)

Into-the-Woods-Movie-Meryl-Streep-as-the-WitchThe Movie Most Likely to Have the Bestselling Soundtrack of the Season: Into the Woods – I am such a sucker for big budget musicals, I will be there with bells on.  (Dec. 25)

The Movie Most Likely to Make Me Cry: Unbroken – Also, the movie to most likely to make Angelina Jolie look smug when she is nominated for Best Director.  (Dec. 25)

The Movie Most Likely to Get Free Publicity from North Korea: The Interview – It is also one of the lone comedies in a season of Oscar bait.  (Dec. 25)

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