Fangirly Crush of the Week: Benjamin Booker

This is a conversation I have with my musically inclined brother on almost a biweekly basis:

Him: Whitney, you should listen to blah blah blah blah.

Me: Oh, cool. How much hipster cred is it worth?

Indignant Him: That’s not what it’s even about! These guys are really reminiscent of, like, blah blah blah blah (I love him ever elle-bejamin-booker-2-lgnso, but at this point in the chat he kinda loses me. Bless his little indie heart).

Eric, I know you wanted me to grow up to be that cool chick drummer from the White Stripes, and instead you got the sixth spice girl (Sister Spice! I slay myself sometimes). In Benjamin Booker, though, I think we might finally find some common ground. You can appreciate his Jack White Certified musical chops, and I will appreciate the rest of him.  For those of you who don’t share mitochondrial DNA with us, here is a Booker tune so you can join the conversation too.


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