What to Watch and When to Watch It

It should be pretty evident that I am a huge TV nerd, so much so that it should not come as a shock that I make an Excel spreadsheet before every Fall TV season.  In case you want to know what I am watching or in case you want to know what you should be watching, I am sharing my nerdy spreadsheet.

A few notes:

Blue is for shows that have a guaranteed season pass, red is for either new or older shows that I am going to give a shot, purple is shows that I will have to catch up with online, new show in italics.  My DVR only has so much capabilities.

– I saw the pilots for Gotham and The Flash at Comic Con and I liked them enough to know I want more.

– I am currently watching The Blacklist on Netflix and really liking it, so unless something goes terribly wrong in the next 15 episodes, this one will get upgraded to blue.

– Some blues are old favorites on which I am very far behind; The Vampire Diaries, Bones, Nashville, Castle, to name a few.

– No show makes me more nervous than that red little Mulaney at the bottom.  I wanted to give it a blue really bad because I love him so much but the laugh track is making me nervous.

So go ahead, let me have it.  What am I stupid for watching?  What are you getting jazzed to watch?




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