Fangirly Crush of the Week: Seth MacFarlane

seth-macfarlane-tuxThis one comes as a special request from Whitney’s mom and because we are such dutiful daughters and nieces, we could never neglect orders from our mothers.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I too jones for Seth MacFarlane. Also, he seemed quite the apropos pick for this week given his hosting duties at this Sunday’s Oscar Ceremony.

I think I can account for my first lusting after Mr. MacFarlane upon seeing him at Comic Con during the Family Guy panel.  I had seen pictures of him and thought him quite handsome, but there was something about seeing him in flesh and blood that really got to me.  I am also ashamed to admit that he seemed like a bit of a jackass and that kind of got me, too.  Yeah, I guess I’m one of those girls.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, the good girl in me likes that he sings like an angel (See below).

I, for one, am quite excited to see what he will bring to the Oscars this year.  He will certainly rock the boat a bit, but you can tell from his myriad of pop culture-related jokes on Family Guy, etc.  that he loves the movies and I think we will see more of that than people are expecting.



3 thoughts on “Fangirly Crush of the Week: Seth MacFarlane

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