Run-On Sentence Reviews: Warm Bodies

WarmbodiesIn what I am pretty sure is the first zom-rom-com, this retelling of Romeo and Juliet pairs zombie and human girl and they try to save the human race and it is pretty funny while still maintaining a sweet love story and and it has a really great soundtrack that I have become obsessed with and I’ve seen it twice so…

Verdict: Go See It!


Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch in 2013

Orphan Black (BBC America): I have absolutely no idea what this show is supposed to be about, but you know that if they are showing it on BBC America, it had to do reasonably well in the UK. Actually, it looks a little like Ringer, minus the Sarah Michelle Gellar and crappy dialogue. (March 30th)


Bates Motel (A & E): Love Psycho. Love Vera Farmiga. Love Freddy Highmore. If I hate this show, it won’t be for lack of trying! (March 18th)


Mr Selfridge (PBS): Like all my other favorite shows, this one originally aired on ITV. If for no other reason, you should watch this just to see Jeremy Piven in a period costume. (March 31)