Fangirly Oscars Roundup!

Oscars-2013I’m feeling pretty good, gang.  Not only did I handily beat Whitney in our predictions, but I also won the Oscar pool at the party I went to last night, correctly guessing 15 of the winners.  Christoph Waltz and Ang Lee threw me, but I was able to pull it off in the end.

There are going to be naysayers out there (because there always are), but I thought this was a pretty good Oscars. Really, the only locks going in were Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis, so it was refreshing to have actual anticipation as the winners were announced.

I have yet to read the reviews on Seth MacFarlane’s performance as host, but I thought he did quite well.  As I predicted, he paid much more reverence to the ceremony then people were expecting and possibly hoping.  Yeah, sure.  He had a song about boobs on film, but that is pretty reverent for Seth MacFarlane.  If anything, I was wishing for a smidge more edginess.  Knowing how big of a musical geek he is, I loved the Sound of Music bit.

I am going to give best speech of the night to Daniel Day-Lewis.  This may be unfair because was undoubtedly well-prepared, but he was eloquence and humility aided by a British accent that makes everything sound better.  Ben Affleck gets the runner-up because I am sucker for people saying sweet things about their spouses, which both he and DDL did with great aplomb.

What did you think of the big show?  How was Seth MacFarlane?  Too tame?  Too raunchy?  Any disappointments or surprises?


One thought on “Fangirly Oscars Roundup!

  1. I thought the show was great. I loved all the musical numbers and Seth McFarlane was pretty easy on the eyes all night. I loved how he got all the silly schtick in by having William Shatner tell him these were the things he “shouldn’t” do. Pretty clever.

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