Ellen and the Incredible, Exhausting, So Good, Very Rad Day(s) at Comic Con

Well, I did it.  I survived yet another year at Comic Con, and while I have not been this tired in quite a while, every lost hour of sleep, every sore butt from sitting in the same chair for hours, every hour spent squished in line with a bunch of fellow nerds was worth because this was an EPIC year!  I feel like I say this about every year at Comic Con, but I am super serious, you guys.  If you don’t believe me check out the slideshow below or my thoughts on the panels that we attended.  Skip around to the stuff you like, read it all (if you have no life), I don’t care.

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Psych the Musical Midnight Screening: After dealing with heinous Comic Con traffic from LA to San Diego and checking into our hotel, my mom and I headed downtown (yeah, I go to Comic Con with my mom.  What’cha gonna do about it?!).  Continue reading