Top Five Things I Miss About the 2000’s

It’s the year 2013, and you know what that means: the 21st century is officially a teenager! This is pretty fitting because if I had to pick three words to describe my year so far they would probably be awkward, surly, and pubescent. And while the 2010’s have been a thrill, this millennial has been reminiscing about  all the things that made the 2000’s so hecka awesome.

sGbIU2cBTNutBApXJFMS_Myspace5) Myspace- If were a person, it would be that super popular but kinda gross guy that you hung out with in high school, who you recently bumped into at your 5 year reunion and, what a surprise, he’s got more ink than a Laserjet printer and he’s still pursuing his rap career in spite of all his trouble with hepatitis. Luckily, you’re with Facebook now, and the two of you are very happy together.  Uggs

4) Ugg Boots- This one is on us. I mean, the manufacturer actually named these boots after the noise you make when you see old people making out or when you step in something gross. Or the noise you make when you realize that you spent years of your life wearing glorified Moon Boots. Ugg, indeed.

3) Razor Scooters- guys, I came so close to doing a 180 one time. SO CLOSE.

2) SNL

ewan_mcgregor-tuxedo1) Ewan McGregor- What do you get when you combine a 12 year old Whitney, printable iron-0ns, and way too much free time? A bunch of pillow cases with this guys face on them. No shame.

-Whitney (Mrs. Ewan McGregor) 


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