Fangirly Exposed!: The Trailer for Pitch Perfect

I have a problem.  Please know that I admit this knowing full well that this movie will not win any awards and it is still up in the air as to whether it will be any good, but I cannot stop watching the trailers and clips for Pitch Perfect.

Those who know me, know that I love a good song and dance number and maybe I am beginning to feel the loss of The Sing-Off, but I want to see this movie.  Nay, I’m excited for this movie.  Don’t ask me how it happened, because I’m not sure myself.  All I know is the first time I saw the trailer, I thought, “That looks kinda lame with funny lines from Rebel Wilson.”  Now, I have watched the scene of their underground a capella battle THRICE!  The fact that it is an “underground a capella battle” is bad enough, but they are also able to do impromptu harmonies and dance moves for “S&M”, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “I’ll Make Love to You”, “Feels Like the First Time”, and “No Diggity”.  And Anna Kendrick raps!  Even with all of that implausibility, though, I still want to see it because it looks like it will be a good time.

Whew.  That feels better.  It’s great to get that out there.  Now, feel free to judge how you will.

4 thoughts on “Fangirly Exposed!: The Trailer for Pitch Perfect

  1. Ellen, why is it that Whitney confesses to watching slasher movies and you confess to this?!!? Why am I not surprised by this at all?? That’s So Ellen!

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