Get with the Program: Lost Girl

S1E02-lost-girl-29699085-1280-720Gratuitous TV sex is not super high on my list of favorite things. In fact, it sits somewhere between dangling participles and getting paper cuts under a fingernail. That being said, I decided to give Syfy’s Lost Girl a try, even though I was fully aware of its… um… saucy reputation. And while I wasn’t exactly wrong (there is a pretty disproportionate amount of boot knocking going on in this show), this series actually has a lot going for it.

At its heart, Lost Girl is about the struggle for identity and community. Bo (Anna Silk), a mysterious bartender with a troubled past, learns that the reason all her lovers wind up dead is because she’s actually a succubus. As in, a crazy-killing-sex-machine of legend. Luckily, she has her adorable best friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) to help her navigate the not so sexy parts of her new supernatural lifestyle (such as monster slaying and uncovering the mystery of her birth parents).

On paper, this show sounds pretty stupid, like any other hyper-sexualized sci-fi drama out there, but the writing is actually pretty good. In fact, it’s better that pretty good. Anna silk and Ksenia Solo have insane on-screen chemistry, and admittedly it is pretty nice seeing a TV relationship between two women that feels realistic and supportive.
So if you’re looking for a show with a fresh take on the supernatural drama (a.k.a. a show that goes beyond the vampire-witch-werewolf trifecta) the give Lost Girl a try. It has some hokey moments, but I think you’ll find it more than makes up for it in wit, charm, and girl power.


Haven: The Best Sci Fi Show You aren’t Watching

Audrey-Parker-haven-16166761-400-266If you’re anything like me, when you hear the word ‘Syfy’ you usually think of movies about a Dinocroc and his cousin the Dinoshark battling it out for cross-species genetic supremacy. However, I am here to tell you that the Syfy network has more to offer than paranormal reality shows and made-for-TV movies starring washed-up teen idols (sorry Kristy Swanson). If you’re looking for really well done sci fi drama, look no further than the Syfy original series Haven. This show, based on Stephen King’s novel The Colorado Kid, tells the story of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), an FBI agent who stumbles upon the sleepy town of Haven during the course of an investigation. As it turns out, Haven is actually more Salem’s Lot than Mayberry, as several of townspeople are afflicted with mysterious curses, or Troubles, that often prove fatal to their friends and neighbors. Since Audrey seems immune to the Troubles, for reasons yet unknown, she decides to stay and help the people of Haven. This also leads to the larger questions, like Why is Audrey unaffected by the Troubles, and Who exactly is Audrey Parker?
And because it’s prime time TV, there is a wonderful assortment of dudes, all of varying boffability. The most boffable of Nathan-Wournous-haven-16166839-400-265the bunch being Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), the sexy small town police officer who just happens to be Troubled. Also rocking my world is Eric Balfour who plays Duke Crocker, the sexy con man whose troubles all seem to be in the lower case. Oh, and did I mention that Jason Priestley has guest starred on this show? Just sayin’.
Although this is a show pretty steeped in its own mythology, it is well worth the time you will spend getting caught up. The next episode airs tomorrow on Syfy at 8/7c, so snap to it!