Web Bytes: FOD’s “First Kiss” with Rachel Leigh Cook!

If you checked in yesterday, you know that I love She’s All That.  I watched all of her filmography, especially The Babysitter’s Club and Josie and the Pussycats (her crowning achievements), and with the exception of that time where she ruined everything on Psych,  she’s A-OK in my book.

So it was pretty cool to see her in the Funny or Die video and then to see that it was actually pretty funny.  And with Chad Michael Murray of all people!  (I never jumped the CMM train).

Check out the video, it’s pretty decent.

First Kiss with Rachael Leigh Cook & Chad Michael Murray

In with the Old: She’s All That

I believe that there comes a movie in every young girl’s life where she finds that one film that takes her into adolescence.  That one movie that makes her feel like a cool teenager rather than a little kid.  For me, that movie was 1999’s She’s All That.

Conditions were perfect: I was 12 going on 13 when I first saw this movie.  Old enough to get some of this movie’s humor (pubes on pizza?!  The laughs never stop), but young enough to overlook some of it’s imperfections.  Imagine my disappointment when I found that there are not groups of people who break out into choreographed numbers at the school dances!  It is for this and no other reason that I never went to one.  Also, I had to face the hard truth that Usher’s voice would NOT be coming over my school’s PA system giving the morning announcements.   Thanks, but NO thanks, high school.

And luckily, as a spectacled youth with a mother who was sure to tell me that girls in glasses can still be cute, I was wise enough to question why sticking glasses on Rachel Leigh Cook automatically made her a social leper.  Maybe it was the overalls?

Despite all these faults that I was a little less aware of then, I still love/loved this movie.  My love for this movie mainly stems from having watched it at least 50 times between the years 1999 and 2001.  While you may be thinking that I am exaggerating with that exorbitant number, I can assure you that I am not.  To this day, I can still quote along with the whole movie.  You may be wondering why I nearly wore out my VHS copy of this movie, but really, do you even have to ask?

My 12-year old heart beat so hard for my beloved FPJ.  In fact, while trying to find a picture of Zach Syler for this post,  I realized that the search results were all pictures I had printed and slathered on my walls.  Or they were the featured pictures in the  paperback Freddie Prinze Jr. biography that I begged my mom to buy me at my school’s book sale.

While FPJ and I have grown apart (mainly because he is giving me little to work with these days), any time I watch She’s All That  I still revert to that prepubescent 12 year old swooning in front of the TV.  Who doesn’t want to go back to that every once in a while?