Fangirl Poetry: Ode to Jamie Fraser

Please don’t move, sit right where you’ve sat,

Kick off your boots and untie that cravat


‘Cause I’m dropping a beat ’bout that man among men,

That Highland Hottie, James Fraser, ya’ ken?


For, thanks to his curls and those breeches so tight,

I can’t sleep a wink and I can’t eat a bite

200 (1)

He keeps it so tight, he might rupture a tendon,

He’s the world’s most spectacular Fraser, after Brendan

200 (3)

Not to be crass, and not to be crude,

But some people should never NOT be nude

giphy (2)

And though it’s easy to get lost in that Scottish lilt,

He’s a person, so much more than what’s under his kilt


He can do all sorts to earn the love of a wench,

Like say, “Hey girl” in Greek and French


200 (2)

When presented with one so sexy and bold,

One feels compelled to seek out a shower that’s cold


And though my love for Jamie is pure,

Our courtship will surely be rated “M” for Mature

200 (5)

For roses are red, and the Highlands aren’t flat,

So you can bet I’d take a bite outta that


Whitney Weldon


Fangirly Crush of the Week: Sam Heughan (but really Jamie Fraser)

You may see our “Crush of the Week” feature and wonder how there are enough crushes in the world to have a new one every week, but TV is a ever-running fountain of men to crush on.  Recently, this fountain gave me the greatest gift of all, a physical embodiment of Jamie Fraser from the Outlander book series coming in the swoony form of one Sam Heughan.

Despite loving it, I have been hesitant to recommend Outlander because it has sexytimes and having read the book, I know there are more to come.  However, I cannot recommend crushing on Sam Heughan enough. I mean…


Yes, sir.  You are.

I have yet to see Sam Heughan in anything other than Outlander, so I have to question how much of my crush is dependent on him playing the manly, adorable, gentlemanly Highlander, Jamie Fraser.   He ain’t no slouch as himself either, though.


Oh, stop it, you.

But you guys, I really cannot stress enough…

jamie gif


jamie 3



jamie 4



jamie 2

Ugh.  Is it Saturday yet?

– Ellen