Run-On Sentence Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

spider ManI should start off by saying that in general I am a pretty easy to please moviegoer and will enjoy just about any movie that I go see and while I can recognize that this new Spider-Man has its flaws it was a fun movie and a great way to kick off the summer movie season because it is a brightly colored, action packed, quippy comic book treat with great chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone which should not come as surprise but my big beef with most Marvel movies has always been completely unbelievable romantic couples so I appreciate a couple that actually makes sense as opposed to two people getting together because they are both beautiful and why not but the movie’s main problems come from having too much story in one movie because it should have had at least one less villain and they should have given Jamie Foxx as Electro more to do and while I think Dane DeHaan was great as Harry Osborn I did not think it was necessary to include Green Goblin.

Verdict: While it has problems, overall, it was a fun summer popcorn flick if you go in only expecting that.


Top Five California Flicks!

So I am six months into my first year in Utah, and while I love the people, the schools, and the fact that there is a Chuck-O-Rama on every corner, I am really missing my mild California winters. So, in honor of my homeland, and in an effort to stave off homesickness, I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite movies and TV set in the Golden State.
so-i-married-an-axe-murderer5) So I Married an Ax Murderer- This movie has been rocking my world since 1993. TO this day, I have a hard time getting through a serious conversation about relationships without blurting out, “Jane, get me off this crazy thing called love!” And don’t even get me started on my family’s trip to Alcatraz. Suffice it to say, every tour guide was named Vicky, whether they liked it or not.
4) Easy A- It’s about time someone made a movie that shows how Eprudish and uptight California high schools girls are. I can’t count how many times we ostracized a girl who DARED show up in tight pants and a sleeveless top. Honestly, the nerve.
tumblr_led6xzt9781qf314eo1_5003) Ten Inch Hero- I’d be lying if I said that Jensen Ackles and his adorable and love-challenged character Priestly wasn’t my favorite part of this movie. There, I said it. Even colored mohawks and ironic kilt-wearing couldn’t dim the beauty of the Superior Winchester. Also, the story is pretty good too. You know, if you like heart-warming love stories, on-screen chemistry, and other such junk.
2) Clueless¬– There is no way to put into words what this movie meant to me growing up. Really, being raised with the clueless-title-imagefirm belief that one day I would have a love/hate relationship with Paul Rudd that would eventually culminate in true love probably wasn’t super conducive to a healthy grown-up world view. Regardless, this movie is the best.
Main_Page_Photo_for_September1) Veronica Mars- This is the California I remember. The murder, the intrigue, the sleuthing. That pretty much sums up my high school experience too. Finally, a show that accurately portrays the life on an average California teenager, right? Like, totally.

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