Fangirly Crush of the Week: David Walton

121002mag-NewGirl1_300x206Listen folks, nobody wants to see Nick and Jess fall in love already more than me.  I have to admit, though, I’m not hating having Sam, Jess’ latest love interest played by David Walton, around.

He’s the triple threat: cute, funny, and a doctor.  Am I right, ladies?  Add on to those that he is also a reformed commitment-phobe that came back to Jess because he just liked her THAT much?  There go my ovaries.  (TMI? Meh.)

He’s a babe.  If he were a president, he would be Baberham Lincoln. Scha-wing.

– Ellen

TV Obituaries: RIP Bent

2012-2012, NBC

As you all know it’s Fall TV season, or as we like to call it, Fangirly Christmas. We get so excited around this time of year that it’s easy to forget about the shows that are no longer with us. One such show is my beloved Bent. Starring David Walton and Amanda Peet, Bent was tragically struck down in its infancy because, and this is just a working theory, the universe is conspiring against me. How else can you explain how a perfectly awesome show could get cancelled after 6 episodes?

Even more confusing is how a show with such a crowd pleasing premise could get axed so suddenly. Alex (Amanda Peet) is a recently divorced lawyer who hires contractor and ex-gambling addict Pete (David Walton) to renovate her kitchen. And because it’s TV, the sexual tension starts to mount almost from the get go.  Jeffrey Tambor (of Arrested Development fame) plays Pete’s father, a failed actor who now spends most of his time in drum circles and playing the piano in department stores for tips. Also in the mix is Alex’s perfect-on-paper boyfriend, who is less than cool with Pete and Alex’s “will they, won’t they” vibe. Here’s what happens when these two clash.

When tragedy like this strikes, it’s so easy to become bitter. I, however, would rather honor Bent’s life than mourn its death. So rest in peace, you beautiful piece of TV magic. I’ll miss you, and I’ll miss moments like this.