Fangirl Poetry: A Crazy Crush Compilation

If you are like me, then you surely must feel,

There are some who are making the thirst very real

There’s a few so sexy, they’re making us squee,

Though they’ve skin like the bark of a wise old tree

giphy (1)

I can think of at least one adorable Braj

From whom I wouldn’t refuse a massage


giphy (10)

It’s true, funny guys are well worth the switch

‘Cause, like Bill, they never forget a bitch

giphy (7)


And nothing makes a gal more inclined to be naughty

Than a guy who can dazzle with skills in karate

giphy (12)

Then there are babes of a different hue,

Especially those that… abs…

giphy (15)

And a few that even your grandma will scope

#Blessed with a back like bag full of rope

giphy (2)

If you looking for a boff that isn’t a bore,

Find one that can tear up the f#@&ing dance floor

giphy (6)

Though, in truth, my lust for all other men counts for naught

‘Cause 2016 is the year of the Bot

giphy (4)

Whitney Weldon





Fangirly Crush of the Week: Anthony Jeselnik

anthony-jeselnik1This weeks crush is Anthony Jeselnik, a writer and comedian who vaguely reminds me of that guy we all knew in high school. You know, the guy who was a total jerk, but also really smart and super smokin’, so you secretly had the hots for him anyway? If you like your comedy to be cringe-worthy, you should watch his new show The Jeselnik Offensive on Comedy Central. Here’s a pretty hilarious clip to show you what I’m talking about…