Run-On Sentence Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

spider ManI should start off by saying that in general I am a pretty easy to please moviegoer and will enjoy just about any movie that I go see and while I can recognize that this new Spider-Man has its flaws it was a fun movie and a great way to kick off the summer movie season because it is a brightly colored, action packed, quippy comic book treat with great chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone which should not come as surprise but my big beef with most Marvel movies has always been completely unbelievable romantic couples so I appreciate a couple that actually makes sense as opposed to two people getting together because they are both beautiful and why not but the movie’s main problems come from having too much story in one movie because it should have had at least one less villain and they should have given Jamie Foxx as Electro more to do and while I think Dane DeHaan was great as Harry Osborn I did not think it was necessary to include Green Goblin.

Verdict: While it has problems, overall, it was a fun summer popcorn flick if you go in only expecting that.


Fangirly Crush of the Week: Andrew Garfield

spidermanHow did I pick this one you ask?  Oh, just that he is in a little movie that is coming out this weekend that happens to mark the beginning of the summer movie season which is only my favorite time of year! Oh, and he is adorable.

Yes, this fangirl is (hesitantly) excited to see Spider-Man this weekend and Andrew Garfield plays a big part in that.  He’s just so gosh-darned cute and him and Emma Stone are just so gosh-darned cute together.  I feel like if someone is British their “charm factor” goes up exponentially.  I mean, just watch the video below and try to not fall into deep smit.  I dare you.