Web Bytes: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

LBD smallIf we haven’t already addressed it, you will soon learn that we here at Fangirly  love us some BBC period dramas. Bring on the high collars and sideburns. I myself wrote enough papers on Jane Austen in college to fill a sizable tome.  And it is safe to say that I have seen the five-hour miniseries of Pride and Prejudice at LEAST 20 times.  All components that lead to making The Lizzie Bennet Diaries the perfect candidate for our latest obsession.

LBD (as the cool kids abbrev it) is the modern-day vlog of, you guessed it, Lizzie Bennet.  Her sisters Lydia and Jane and friend Charlotte are all frequent guests and for a while Darcy was only heard of or seen through Lizzie’s less than flattering imitations. FINALLY, in episode 60 (yeah, 60!) he showed up to present his undesired proclamations.

This is an entertaining series and unique medium for one of my favorite stories.  Its been great fun to get a little taste every Monday and Thursday.  If I had to complain about anything it would be that it is taking them forever to get to my favorite part, but that is my complaint with the book and miniseries, as well. Luckily, it looks like my patience will be tried no longer as the tease for today’s episode was that Lizzie is touring a company by the name of Pemberley Digital.

Excuse me while I rush to YouTube…

You should, too.


Fangirly Exposed: The Hobbit Trailer!

One of my best childhood memories is of my brother and me laying underneath the coffee table in our living room and watching the Rankin Bass cartoon version of The Hobbit. It was made in the 1977, so Bilbo had a wildly dope Davy Jones haircut. I distinctly remember being scared out of my gourd by the cartoon Gollum, who was portrayed as a sort of frog-like thing with a turkey neck and no pupils. Oh, you don’t think that sounds scary? Then I guess you would have no problem watching these clips I’ve provided of the cave scene…

Ok, its over. You can open your eyes now.

Despite my Gollum anxiety I read the book several times during my formative years, resulting in a life-long love of all things Tolkien. That being said, I was pretty excited when they announced that a Hobbit movie was in the works. As if that weren’t enough, it’s starting to look like Peter Jackson is making this movie specifically for me. Obviously Mr. Jackson was not available for comment, but when you look at the hard evidence, there is really no other explanation. For example, there’s the cast. I mean, Aidan Turner, Richard Armitage, and Lee Pace  all in one movie? It’s like they made all their casting decisions based on my google search history! Seriously, though, look at these guys…

Aidan Turner, best known for playing Mitchell in BBC’s Being Human

Richard Armitage in North and South

Lee Pace in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I cannot stop watching The Hobbit trailer. Just in case you’ve been living in a Tolkien-free parallel universe, here it is.

There you have it! My nerdy little secret. If you’re as pumped as I am, feel free to gush in our comment section!


Web Bytes: “Circle of Life (Remix)” on SYTYCD

They announced the winners last night on So You Think You Can Dance and I was… blah, blah, blah. Did you guys see that freaking “Circle of Life” dance?! I cannot get over how good it was. NappyTabs came back from maternity leave in a big, big way. I have had to watch it several times just to make sure that I am seeing every possible awesome thing that could be happening. That running (fast crawling? Galloping?) leap over three guys? Mind blown. I could go on forever, but why don’t we let the dance speak for itself:


Web Bytes: FOD’s “First Kiss” with Rachel Leigh Cook!

If you checked in yesterday, you know that I love She’s All That.  I watched all of her filmography, especially The Babysitter’s Club and Josie and the Pussycats (her crowning achievements), and with the exception of that time where she ruined everything on Psych,  she’s A-OK in my book.

So it was pretty cool to see her in the Funny or Die video and then to see that it was actually pretty funny.  And with Chad Michael Murray of all people!  (I never jumped the CMM train).

Check out the video, it’s pretty decent.

First Kiss with Rachael Leigh Cook & Chad Michael Murray

Get with the Program: The Mindy Project!

Confession time: The Office is not one of my favorite shows. Not that it’s a bad show, I just felt that it got boring and repetitive as the series progressed. So when I heard that Mindy Kaling, a writer, exec-producer, and one of the stars of The Office, was developing her own show, I didn’t pay much attention. Also, I don’t really love self-referential show titles, so the fact that the show was named The Mindy Project was not a huge turn on either.

Then I actually watched the pilot. And let me tell you, it was awesome. It accomplished everything a pilot should accomplish; it introduced the characters, delivered a hilarious and compelling narrative, and gave us an idea of what the rest of the series would be like. I know what your thinking. “Whitney, an awesome pilot doesn’t necessarily indicate an awesome show”. To which I would respond, “Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!… That’s actually very true. Good point.” But I’ve got a good feeling about this one. So do yourself a favor, haul on over to Hulu, and watch the pilot of The Mindy Project.  It might just be the funniest 23 minutes of your day.


Web Bytes: New Castle Promo

Mmhmm.  Yeah.  I’m pretty excited for the new season.

In case you are not aware, Castle and Beckett finally knocked boots at the end of  last season.  No way to fake amnesia with that, Beckett!  Judging from this new promo, it looks she has no desire to forget this, though.

How do you feel about this development for them?  Is the will they, won’t they tension gone?