The Fangirly Show: Episode # 10 Fangirling Over Marvel v. DC

Whitney and Ellen get into it over the heated subject of Marvel vs. DC.  Who’s winning?  Is it even a feud to begin with?  We know you will have opinions.  Plus, another humiliating game of Truth or Dare in which Whitney does some stellar musical impressions and Ellen spits some rhymes from Hamilton with a mouthful of popcorn.

You can listen and subscribe HERE on iTunes or you can go HERE to listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


One thought on “The Fangirly Show: Episode # 10 Fangirling Over Marvel v. DC

  1. Super fun to listen to!! I think we have very different views on movies. I really enjoyed Batman v. Superman, but I think that I was expecting it. The biggest problem with BvS was that it tried to do too much. I also think that DC has a LOT harder of a time making good movies, because so many of their characters are so well known, and comparison very rarely does anyone any favors. There have been so many iterations of both of these characters, that it’s a very tough job to do a fantastic job. Understanding that this movie wasn’t meant to be a stand-alone film (to its detriment) helped me to enjoy it more. Case in point for Marvel having the same issue would be the millions of Spiderman movies. They are now on their 3rd reboot in my lifetime. I think what I like most about BvS was how true it was to the comics and the characters. And the Easter Eggs for movies to come. Marvel took a completely different tactic that went really well. I did not know most of the Marvel characters before their movies, not just Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think it has worked in their favor. The characters that seem to be more well-known seem to have had a less than incredible reception (The Hulk movies). There. Now you have my unsolicited opinion. This is what happens when I am bored at work. Have a great day! And Ellen needs to watch Gilmore Girls because it is great.

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