10 TV Couples That Are My Relationship Goals

There are many relationships on TV but only few are chosen… by me to someday emulate.  Many are fraught with drama and while those are fun to watch, I hope to someday have one that is more like the following:

10.  Monica and Chandler (Friends) – These two were my first OTP (internet speak for “One True Pairing”).  Shmoss and Shmachel, I only cared about Monica and Chanandler Bong.  I like that his amount of dorky is the perfect match to her amount of crazy.

monica and chandler

9.  Bob and Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) – The Belchers are not only a relationship goal but a family goal.  Someday I hope to raise a similar band of weirdos.  Bob and Linda stick together and accept each other’s eccentricities amidst all the chaos.

8.  Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley (The Office) – Speaking of chaos, in a different bunch of weirdos, these two found each other.  They might have had a few (infuriating) bumps along the way to find each other but they did it.  I always loved that their relationship felt real.  They initially bonded over shared jokes and stayed together through hard work.

7.  Emma Swan and Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time) – Sure, the Captain Hook and the daughter of Snow White may not seem like the most realistic relationship goal, but storybook origins aside they still have some real things going on.  Well, TV real.  They have their swoony moments, like Hook telling her that she is his happy ending, but they are also not afraid to get snarky with each other and any relationship I have will be deeply rooted in snark.

6.  Liz Lemon and Criss Chross (30 Rock) – There are few TV characters that I wanted to have it all more than Liz Lemon.  Part of her “all” came in the form of Criss Chross (bet you forgot that was his name), a hot dog vendor willing to be a stay at home dad who quoted Star Wars at her. When he “Han Solo-ed” her, I knew I wanted to be them because that would work so hard on me.  For clarification, to “Han Solo” someone is to reply to “I love you” with “I know”.

5.  Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker (Chuck) – Like Hook and Emma, these two are put in some extreme scenarios that are bound to heighten the passion.  Chuck and Sarah’s passionate moments are great and all, but it is the small quiet moments between these two puppies that are the real bread and butter of their relationship.  This is one of the few relationships that I started watching the show to follow, where I was still interested after they got together.

4. Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation) – Ugh.  I love these two so much.  It would be difficult to list all of their moments that make me want to emulate them, but to make a long story short, I love that they bring out the best in each other and find a way to make their brands of weirdness jive.  Also, Chris Pratt in general is a relationship goal of mine.

3.  Jamie and Claire Fraser (Outlander) – Jamie and Claire cover the passionate side of my relationship goals (boy, do they ever) but also they are just perfect together.  Claire demands respect and Jamie gives it to her because he loves her so much, even though it goes against the dictates of his society.  They work together and get through some pretty awful things by finding peace in each other.  Swoon.

2.  Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation) – Yep, I have two from Parks and Rec, but that should come as no surprise when you consider the couples.  And the fact that Parks is probably my favorite show ever.  Ben and Leslie want the best for each other, sometimes at the expense of themselves, and they are such colossal dorks that I just identify with them more.

1.  Brad Williams and Jane Kerkovich-Williams (Happy Endings) – It was a tough decision, but I have to give the top spot to Brad and Jane.  They work hard, they play hard, and they sweatpants hard.  They have their own shorthand, they have an active sex life, and also they are just plain hilarious.

Who inspires you to find true love?


4 thoughts on “10 TV Couples That Are My Relationship Goals

  1. I mean, Ben Wyatt is the actual love of my life, but yes, Leslie and Ben are such goals. Also yes to Jim and Pam, because her complete willingness to go along with whatever silly prank or plan Jim came up with, even before they were a couple, was amazing and just proved how well they worked together.

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