23 Times Liz Lemon Hit Too Close to Home

Lately, I have been re-watching 30 Rock, just because. It’s like one of those times when you meet up with an old friend and it is as if no time has passed. If anything, you just remember how awesome that friend is and how much you miss them.

While I have always identified with Liz Lemon, I am realizing that age is only bringing me further into my Liz Lemonhood.  Let’s explore.

1. Post work evenings are more like this:

liz lemon 4

2.  Whenever I put on makeup and my contacts I feel like this:

liz lemon 25

3.  If ever I have a conversation with a crush without wanting to cringe:

liz lemon

4.  Never knowing how to comfort people going through a hard time:

liz lemon 24

5.  Anytime I go to a sporting event:

liz lemon 23

6.  My penchant for cardigans:

liz lemon 22

7.  When people say it’s okay to be a human woman:

liz lemon 19

8.  My weakness for a computer game of my youth:
liz lemon 17

9. If coordination is ever required:

liz lemon 16

10. People trying to talk to me around May:

liz lemon 15

11.  People trying to talk to me around February:

liz lemon 14

12.  Whenever someone tries to put me on camera (even if is a simple Snapchat):

liz lemon 13

13.  If anyone tries to blame my personal problems on my obsession with TV:

liz lemon 12

14. My weekend plans are more like this:

liz lemon 11

15.  My biggest complaint with all HGTV shows:

liz lemon 10

16.  My roommate can probably confirm this:

liz lemon 9

17.  She can also confirm that I do a fair of this, especially during reality TV:

liz lemon 8

18.  If I am asked to do any physical exertion:

liz lemon 7

19.  Anytime a show does not go my way or pop culture news comes out that I disagree with:

liz lemon 5

20.  Let’s be honest, if I am ever sad:

liz lemon 3

21. My romantic ideal (except I am not opposed to funny business):

liz lemon 2

22.  My life philosophy:

liz lemon 6

23.  And like Liz Lemon, I always remember this:

liz lemon 26

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