Fangirly Crush of the Week: Zachary Levi

zachary-levi-sesame-streetGather around children, it’s story time.  Once upon time, Whitney and I went to Comic Con together.  It was magical week of nerds and sleeping in lines.  One night, we slept outside to get into a magical land called Ballroom 20.  Chuck was having a panel for its last season, so Zachary Levi took it upon himself to walk the line and say hi to everyone.  At the time, neither of us watched Chuck, but we are still functioning females who can recognize his patented blend of approachable, adorable, nerdy charm.  When he got to us, Whitney told him that he was awesome, he high fived her and told her that she’s the bee’s knees (which she is, by the way).  She…did not handle it well.  Granted, it was something like 3 in the morning, but she fell back giggling so hard that she whacked her head on the sidewalk.  For some reason, we got a good laugh out of that, so Zachary Levi has long held a special place in our hearts.

zl2His crushiness was further solidified by attending some of his Nerd HQ events at Comic Con where he is just all kinds of charming and handsome.  That said, it was only until this week that I watched any of Chuck, but I made up for it by watching it hard.  Guys, if you are at all like me and devour a show with a good ship then have I got a show for you.  I have gotten through almost all five seasons in six days.  What is summer for if not binge watching?

Needless to say, my crush is now full blown.  I mean, how could it not be?  Sure, I have a hard time buying this handsome devil as the repugnant nerd that they sometimes make him out to be, but his journey from bumbling geek to confident but still nerdy super spy is … super hot.


We here at Fangirly will always support a hottie with legit geek cred.  Zachary Levi, we salute you.  Scha-wing.


(Here’s a gif of him dancing with Tom Hiddleston.  Just because.)


Fangirly Birthday Tribute: The Story of Ellen

Her life began, as you might assume,

When she beat a hasty retreat from the womb


Her wit was legend by the time she was six,

No one could ever catch on to her tricks


But Ellen cared not for the praise, not one bit,

Even when it came from her dear cousin, Whit


The girls became buddies, of the rarest kind,

No two more alike in spirit and mind

giphy (5)

Whitney cried on the day Ellen left for the city

She was now all alone, and it felt pretty… um, bad


Though their visits were fun, they just weren’t enough,

And saying goodbye became rougher than rough


But Ells was just fine, yes she tore it up good,

Doing the things you WISH that you could


And sometimes, she’d think of her poor lonely cousin

For the good times they’d shared, she could count by the dozen


So the girls reunited, and they did it real fast

And were just as close as they’d been in the past

giphy (1)

Just one thing now could complete their bliss,

To each wed a guy by the name of Chris


giphy (7)




Which totally happened, I swear that it’s true,

I’d go into detail, but that might get too blue


That’s the end of my story, and I hope you’re all awed

By Ellen, the world’s most spectacular broad.


Ells, I hope this birthday poem wasn’t a dud,

But, just in case, I also got you Paul Rudd