Fangirly Crush of the Week: Stephen Amell

Stephen-AmellStephen Amell is pretty crushworthy, especially if you are a fan of Arrow.  His Oliver Queen is the broody, tough guy who really has a heart of gold and is currently wooing the nerdy IT girl.  Le swoon.

More than that, Amell is good to his people.  When I sat in the show’s panel at Comic Con, Amell talked a lot about his presence on social media and how he feels that everyone should be interacting more with their fans because it is so easy to do these days.  He runs all of his own sites but is especially active on Facebook.  He now has about 2.6 million likes and gives a lot back to the fans.  Every Friday is Fanart Friday, every Monday is Meme Monday, with Amell featuring his favorites on those respective days.  He does fan Q & A’s, on set updates, and fan shout outs and I just think it is pretty awesome.

So here’s to you, Stephen Amell.  You’re a pretty cool cat and you’re pretty hot.

I’m just going to leave this here.


If you like that, there is plenty more where that came from on Arrow.


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