Fangirly Exposed: Ellen’s Ab Workout

more-than-absAre you sick of ab machines from infomercials that just don’t work?  Are you sick of exercise fads that supposedly give you rock hard abs but really just force you to attend classes of women who are much more graceful than you? Are you sick of doing stupid crunches?  Just me?  Oh, well. Moving on.

Have I got the workout for you! And the best part is that you can do it in just three easy steps:

  1. Drive your car
  2. Play your most bumpingest tunes
  3. Dance

IMPORTANT: Don’t stop dancing just because you are stopped next to someone.  Stop lights are the perfect opportunity to get a deeper burn and anyone who seems to be judging you is just jealous that they are not having as much fun as you on their commute.

Confession time: I am possibly the world’s most unabashed car dancer.  If you have ever driven with me and think you have seen the extent of my car dancing, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  There is nothing like releasing all my pent up energy after a long work day by  getting down in my car.  Or at least, as far down as California State law allows.

Maybe it is just my particular kind of car dancing, but I noticed that it is extremely effective as an ab workout.  After long road trips, I’m wiped. For me it is all in the pelvis.  This makes it sound like I am doing some freakdancing but really, it is the only part of your lower body that can move while still working the gas and brake pedals.

There you have it.  Let’s get physical, people!


2 thoughts on “Fangirly Exposed: Ellen’s Ab Workout

  1. Driving a car while you, Whitney, and your mother are car dancing is dangerous. Driving in a car behind you and Whitney while you car dance is hilarious.

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