Top Five Sick Day Movies!

Flu season has finally arrived! Being sick has the tendency to suck pretty thoroughly, but I’m here to tell you that there are ways to circumvent the suckiness. One tried and true way is to have a stock pile of Sick Day movies that have plenty of entertaining, if not medicinal, qualities. Hold on to your lunch, because here are my top five!

Cabin-in-the-Woods_025) Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods– I’m a fan of gore even when I’m not chucking cookies or sneezing out stuff that looks alarmingly like bits of cerebral cortex. But somehow, watching cute co-eds get disemboweled right after you heave up bits of your own viscera tends to put your misery into perspective. Besides, Fran Kranz is enough to make any girl feel feverish.

4) 13 Going on 30 As a card 13-going-on-30-thriller-dance-scenecarrying lady, I reserve the right to watch ANY rom-com, at ANY given time. However, there’s something about sick days that makes watching two extraordinarily hot people fall in love (what Hollywood calls romance, I call Darwinism) even more satisfying. This one is especially suited for sick days because Mark Ruffalo’s dopey good looks and Average Joe sensibilities are a soothing balm for any gal in pain.

fred-savage-the-princess-bride-650x3303) The Princess Bride– If it’s good enough for Fred Savage, it’s good enough for you!

2)Evita- Sore throat? No Problem! Here’s what you do: put on a frilly night gown, adopt an air of neuvo riche superiority, and reenact the death bed scene where Eva scratches out her final refrain. SO. MUCH. FUN. movie-ghostbusters_00212448

1) GhostbustersJust in case your sick day hasn’t seen enough green slime.





3 thoughts on “Top Five Sick Day Movies!

  1. I really like this blog post! I love all of these movies and I totally agree that I would watched these movies on a sick day. These movies might not be my top five but you did a great job.

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