Fangirly Crush of the Week: Oliver Jackson-Cohen

oliver-jackson-cohen121201012929pmOne thing that Ellen and I have always prided ourselves on is our ability to crush (usually pretty hard) on people who may not be considered classically handsome, especially if we find them hilarious. I’m going to be honest and admit this is NOT one of those instances. This weeks crush, the painfully pretty Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Mr. Selfridge, Going the Distance, Faster), was motivated purely by appetence. Not that he doesn’t have a lot of other great qualities. He was awesome as the lovelorn artist in Mr. Selfridge, and he’s pretty hysterical in FOD’s Will and Kate: Before Happily Ever After. But that’s not why we’re here. How can I put this delicately?…He’s in the advanced stages of acute Hottness. If handsomeness were a disease, he would need to be hospitalized. Stat.  I could go on.

If you like what you see (and I have a feeling you do), you can see Oliver Jackson-Cohen in the TV miniseries World Without End, now available to stream on Netflix. It’s pretty great. And by “it” I of course mean his abs, which do make an appearance.