Fangirly Crush of the Week: Chris O’Dowd

bridesmaids-rhodesBlame it on my recent viewing of Bridesmaids, where he plays the perfect male (that is not hyperbole).  Blame it on his meteoric rise to hotness on The IT Crowd.  Blame it on the recent feature on him in Entertainment Weekly, where he was utterly charming.    Blame it on the billboards all over LA for Family Tree with his adorable face.   Blame it on whatever you want, but it will not be denied that I am feeling Chris O’Dowd in a major way right now.  I mean, look at how adorable he is?!  And seriously, watch Bridesmaids and try to not fall in love with him.  It can’t be done unless your heart is made of cold, hard, unfeeling, black granite.

Or, better yet, you can just watch the video below and try to avoid his wonderful blend of humor and charm.   It can’t be done!  (Also, try to not hear Whitney and I squealing at Ewan McGregor, Chris O’Dowd and Graham Norton being in a room together).

– Ellen