Grade A, Choice Picks: Top 10 Tumblr Blogs

tumblrWith my current job, I have a lot of free time to browse the internets and I have to say that my browsing has not been the same since I discovered Tumblr.  The memes, the gifs, the videos, the internetiness of it all.  The hours one (I) can waste on this site are astounding.

Tumblr can be a little daunting to any newcomers, so I thought I would list my top 5 favorite Tumblr blogs, in no particular order, as a good jumping off point.

1) I Love Charts – If there is something on the internet that in any way resembles a chart, these guys will post it.  With usually humorous results.

2) I’m Remembering – A collection of nostalgia for those 80s and 90s kids.  The title is really apt, because anytime one of their posts pops in my dashboard, I think, “I remember that!”

3) The Clearly Dope – Possibly my favorite Tumblr out there.  He typically just re-blogs the popular postings of the day, but his added captions make it.

Britney4) IHAVE4CATZ – You HAVE to check out her amazingly awesome animated gif illustrations of celebrities (Click the picture for pure Tumblr magic).  Everyone from Madonna to Carey Mulligan to Benedict Cumberbatch (Tumblr LOVES him, by the way).

5) Bunny Food – Were you aware that the internet loves animals doing funny things?  Especially dogs and cats?  Oh, you were?  Well, then this blog is just a good place to go to get it all in one sitting.

6) The Daily What – Your one-stop shop for what is trending on the internet, whether it be breaking news or the hot viral video.

7) Guys in Suits – I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.

8) TeflonGrl – She just has really good taste in her fandoms and she’s a good one to follow if you are an anglophile.

9) Humor Train – Another grab bag of all the internet has to offer.

10) Ludgateing – You can probably tell from the title that this is another person with superb taste in fandoms.

There you have it.  Welcome to Tumblr!  Don’t blame me when you get sucked into its tractor beam.


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