TV Obituaries: RIP (?) Happy Endings

ZACHARY KNIGHTON, ELISHA CUTHBERT, ELIZA COUPE, DAMON WAYANS JR., CASEY WILSONI write this with an extremely heavy heart.  This wrongful cancellation is right up there with Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Pushing Daisies in my book.  I have already attempted to put my love for this show in a post, so I won’t try and persuade you into seeing how a-mah-zing this show is again.  It would fruitless now, anyway.  (Goes in a corner to quitely sob)

Okay, now that that is done, I will just bemoan how upsetting this is and why.  I believe I can say that Happy Endings was one of a few shows on TV that had me literally (and yes, I am using “literally” correctly) rolling on the floor with laughter during each episode.  Some say it had gotten a little too zany this season, but that has just endeared it to me more.  Characters that once were my least favorite (Alex and Dave) were finally delivering just as many, if not more, LPEs (that’s laughs per episode).

AGH!  I cannot curse ABC enough!  And I have yet to find a gypsy woman who can tell me how to make a voodoo doll for a corporation.

Making this slightly less painful is the conviction of the cast, crew, and production company to keep it alive and USA Network’s supposed interest in helping with that endeavor.  I hope with all my heart that my little band of weirdos will find a home that will show them the respect they deserve.  Until then, sleep well, Happy Endings.  Say hi to Ben and Kate for me.


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