Get With the Program: Hemlock Grove

hemlock-groveI had an epiphany this week: I’m obsessed with supernatural TV dramas. This is made all the more embarrassing by the fact that I’ve been so very vocal about NOT liking them. So when Netflix announced a few months ago that they were airing their original series Hemlock Grove, all about a town plagued by a healthy population of creepy-crawlies, I knew that it was destined for my ever growing list of guilty pleasures. And, in a totally unsurprising turn of events, I absolutely loved it. Shows of this nature usually only appeal to a certain demographic (a human being with two X chromosomes between the ages of 14 and 30), but Hemlock Grove has something for the whole family. Well, the adult members of the family anyway. There’s plenty of gore for the dudes, a well-written story and complex characters for mom and dad (snooze), and an abundance of crushable fellas for us ladies (Yeah!).

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Netflix has made all 13 episodes available at once, so, you know, clear your schedule. Because if your anything like me, you’re not going to get anything done this week.


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