Anglophiles Anonymous: Ripper Street

RipperMain_1644262aAs per tradition in my family, my Easter basket this year was filled with candy and a DVD.  Because my mom gets me, she got me a BBC series, which have been sadly lacking from my life now that I no longer have BBC America, called Ripper Street.

I publish this post knowing that I am way behind the times seeing as how this aired a while ago, but in the likelihood that it flew under some radars, I have to recommend this one.  It takes place right at the height of Jack the Ripper Mania in London.

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, played by Matthew Macfadyen with his adorable face and lovely, deep voice, heads up the Whitechapel H Division but struggles with never having caught the infamous Jack the Ripper. The series follows Reid and his crew as they solve cases in a time that was seeing strides in explosives, forensic science, and new forms of debauchery.

It is all kinds of creepy, good fun!  It’s Sherlock Holmes meets CSI, in the best way possible.   If this sounds like something that is up your alley, I am going to have to insist that you check it out.