Fangirly Investigates: When to Give Up on a Show

GABRIEL MANN, ASHLEY MADEKWE, NICK WECHSLER, EMILY VANCAMP, JOSH BOWMAN, CONNOR PAOLO, CHRISTA B. ALLEN, MADELEINE STOWE, HENRY CZERNYLately, I have been beset with a most alarming problem in that getting myself to catch up on all of my shows has become somewhat of… a chore.  Believe me, no one is more surprised than myself, but as my DVR and Hulu queue become more full, I become less inclined to catch up with a large percentage of my shows.

The question I now pose is: Does this mean I need to give up those shows? There are still a select few that I watch that night or at least the next day (New Girl, Parks and Rec, Happy Endings).  Coincidentally, the shows that have begun to feel like homework are all shows that are generally regarded to be waning in their quality as of late (Revenge, Vampire Diaries, etc.) and I know that I am not the only person out there who is losing interest.  But I also know, that shows can come back with an exhilarating vengeance and that it could be just some weird mood on my part that is causing my ennui.

What is a TV lover to do?  When do you give up on shows that you once loved?


4 thoughts on “Fangirly Investigates: When to Give Up on a Show

  1. Sadly, this has happened to me as well. After coming home last summer from a few months without access to my shows, I was dreading catching up on everything. In that moment I knew that it was time to let them go for a while, if not forever. It is a sad reality, but has led me to appreciate the shows I stick with and explore new options!

  2. How are you feeling about Supernatural this season? I feel like there hasn’t been much of a story this year. Dean is foxier than ever though.

  3. I hate to say it, but Supernatural is lacking this season, Bones isn’t keeping my attention, and I agree with you on Vampire Diaries. I am still loving Doctor Who and my guilty pleasures this season are Arrow and Beauty and the Beast. Is it me or is it them? I’m thinking them…

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