Fangirl Poetry: Ode to Daryl Dixon the Zombie Slayer


If you’re looking for some helpful tips

For surviving the zombie apocalypse

You’d better talk to Daryl Dixon,

That unwashed, crossbow wielding vixen

Although he talks like a total hick

And his brother is a crazy dick

He’s the hottest guy on AMC

Even Don Draper would likely agree

He’s a ladies dream, the ultimate male

With him, I wouldn’t mind sharing a jail

And the sexiest thing, no if, but, or maybe,

Was watching this badass cradle Rick’s baby

If I were his post-apocalypse mate

I’d happily help him repopulate

Until then, I’ll sit and watch him kill walkers

And join his legion of fangirl stalkers

In singing the praises of Daryl Dixon

The man, with whom, I wouldn’t mind mixin’