House of Cards: The Future of TV?

20HOUSE2_SPAN-articleLargeEven with rave reviews and one of the best casts in TV history, I was not super eager to watch the Netflix original series House of Cards. To tell the truth, hard-boiled political dramas are just not my thing. Last night, however, I was in the perfect TV watching mood (acute ennui and a fierce reluctance to do homework) so I gave it a try. Folks, it’s pretty great.

Just to give you an idea, House of Cards is sort of like Richard III meets Party Animals. Antihero Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) soliloquizes and back stabs his way through Washington with the help of his equally ambitious wife Claire (Robin Wright). And even for those of us who don’t know a platform from a pork barrel, the political intrigue is pretty fascinating.

The truth is, however, I don’t think that House of Cards is going to be remembered for what a great show it is. It’s going to be remembered for the way it has revolutionized TV. Sites like Netflix and Hulu are offering quality shows like this without the commercial breaks and week-long intervals between episodes. And while I am not at all looking forward to the death of network television, it’s pretty clear that this web series thing is the way of the future. And really, if it’s good TV, does it matter what type of screen you’re watching it on?


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