Get with the Program: Community

community_papersIt’s here!  October 19th is here!  And you know what that means, fellow Greendale peers, Community is back! Whether it will be better than ever is yet to be determined.  This show really is the “little engine that could” of network television.  It has faced management changes, behind the scenes drama, and scheduling snafus, but still it prevails, raising that Greendale anus flag high on Thursday nights once more.

I think it is safe to say that Community is the weirdest little gem on television.  What other shows have episodes in 8 bit and stop motion?  Or alternative timelines and dreamatoriums (besides Fringe)?  But all of that weirdness, self-referential humor, and Joel McHale’s face are what make me love this show so much.

Although, Troy and Abed are perhaps my MOST favorite thing of this show and definitely my favorite friendship on TV.  Individually, their characters are hilarious and deliver my favorite lines, but they deliver pure gold.  Having seen Danny Pudi and Donald Glover together at Comic Con, I think that this is aided by the fact that are actually friends who are great at riffing off each other.

To elaborate my point, I have included one of my favorite scenes from the show below, but before you click that, are you excited for the return of Community? Worried about the lack of Dan Harmon?  Let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Get with the Program: Community

  1. I am pretty much not worried at all about Dan Harmon not being there, though I perhaps should be. I want to give the new guys a fair chance before deciding to automatically hate them.

    You could not have chosen a more perfect clip to show the two of them together. One of my favorites (I hope it will embed):

    • Hahaha, that is a good one. “I’m not hitting on him.” Love them.

      And I am willing to give the new guys the benefit of the doubt and I still love all the actors, so I’m not too worried.

  2. Not for nothing, but as much as Harmon gitteng fired sucked ass, I’m really gitteng sick of everyone acting like he was the Second Coming of the Messiah who could do no wrong and who was the only good thing about Community .Yes, a lot of the show’s uniqueness and creativity can be traced back to him. Yes, his firing is a loss for the show that will be difficult to overcome. Yes, for good or bad the show will probably not be the same without him. But he didn’t do it entirely by himself. In all the wringing of hands and wailing and gnashing of teeth, people seem to be forgetting that he also had a talented cast, crew, directors, writing staff etc working with him as well to help visualize and create his ideas. The show didn’t spring fully formed from his beard, and it’s gitteng a bit irritating to watch everyone act as if he did.I mean, for heaven’s sake, we haven’t even seen Harmonless Community yet. At least wait for the train to actually wreck before we bemoan the train wreck.

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