Top Five Things I Miss about the 90’s

areyouafraidofthedark25) Are you Afraid of the Dark– I had a classic love/hate relationship with this show. Love, because it was the scariest thing my mom would let me watch at the time. Hate, because those tweenage jerks swiped the coolest club name in recorded history. What am I supposed to do, the next time I want to start a secret society where all the cool kids get together and swap creepy stories around a non-regulation camp fire? How am I ever going to top “The Midnight Society”?! I really don’t think “Middle of the Night Society” has the same ring to it. Jerks.gagme

4) Gag me with a spoon– How is a modern lady supposed to express her derision for a particular person, place, or thing without pretending to stick a finger down her throat? With her words? As if! Careful articulation is for squares.

3) 90’s Music Videos- They even had a whole TV network dedicated to them. Now that’s what I call innovation. My favorite had to be the classic Chumbawamba hit “Tubthumping”. So. Awesome. I can’t count how many times my brother and I stared at each other from across the dinner table and, over our glasses of kool aid, sang “pissing the night away”. We were so cool.

1263522254625_f2) Tom Everett Scott- Even six year old me knew your boffability was off the charts. SCHAAAWING.

1) Good Disney Movies– Yeah, I went there. Remember when Disney movies used to be funny and smart and scary and, occasionally, a little too sexy for our impressionable brain-sponges? Case and point: there is an ENTIRE song in The Hunchback of Notre Dame where Frollo wails about his lust for Esmeralda. It’s probably been a while for most of us, so here’s a clip to refresh your memory. Note the sexy dancing chick in the fire. Even as a seven year old I knew there was only one way to interpret that.

What do you miss about the best decade of the 20th century? Let us know in our comment section!


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