Fangirly Poll: Was that New Girl [SPOILER] Everything You Hoped it Would Be?

new-girl-215-cooler-jess-nick-true-american-kiss-foxWow-ee-wow.  Am I right?  Now is the time to look away if you don’t want to be spoiled. [SERIOUSLY.  Look away and stop reading because I am about to start scream-typing.]

IT HAPPENED!  That was pretty epic and I don’t want to judge prematurely but this had to be up there on the list of best kisses on TV.  Yep, that’s right, folks, Nick and Jess kissed and it was awesome.  Actually, when I thought they were going to kiss during the game of True American, it was going to be awesome, but then it was awesome-er.

The two complaints I have heard so far are that it is happening too soon and that Nick ate Jess’ face.  But I was into it.  Nick Miller can eat my face any day.

What did you think?  Let us know in the poll and comments below.



2 thoughts on “Fangirly Poll: Was that New Girl [SPOILER] Everything You Hoped it Would Be?

  1. I like that I’m the only vote. The 100% makes me feel confident in my decision.
    However- What about Sam?!? I really like this fictional doctor. He worked so hard to get a second chance with Jess. I’m invested in this relationship now.

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