TV Obituaries: RIP Ben and Kate

ben and kateWe have only just begun the season’s cancellations and if this a sign of things to come, I am not going to be in good shape.  While Ben and Kate has not been officially cancelled, production has been halted and much like my face when I heard this news, it is not looking good.

Assuming this happens, I will never understand how this show didn’t make it.  It’s the kind of comedy that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy after you watch it while still remaining funny and sharp.  The show seemed to be settling into the characters with Kate finding her dorky awkwardness, Ben finding his ambition, Tommy getting over Kate (for now), and B.J. establishing her general awesomeness.

I will always struggle with smart, lovely shows getting cancelled while networks can still find room for your Last Man Standings and Whitneys.  How does this happen?! How do we LET this happen?!  And I’m just going to say it:  Ben and Kate is a better show than The Mindy Project.  That’s just how I feel.  I still enjoy watching Mindy, but Ben and Kate had more to love, and now everything I loved is being taken from me.

What?!  I don’t get too invested in TV, but my life is over.


4 thoughts on “TV Obituaries: RIP Ben and Kate

  1. Ah! This is far too depressing. This was the first show I ever seriously contemplated sending a fan letter to. I guess I should now delete my draft of, “Dear Lucy Punch.”

  2. UGH. I think it’s because the show didn’t have a big name attached to it really. Agreed it’s a better show, but it’s much harder for Fox to promote in comparison to Mindy & Zooey’s shows, and I don’t think they cared enough to figure out how to promote it well. Dumb, but them’s the breaks. Don’t expect me to be so diplomatic if this happens to Happy Endings, however.

    And SERIOUSLY, how is Whitney still on? I watched 5 minutes of that once and thought I was actually going to die. NBC does the weirdest stuff.

  3. It’s a tragedy that Whitney is still on and throw Two Broke Girls in the list, too. I think that Fox carrying sports hurt their comedies; they were on and then off, and then repeats, and when you do that, people just don’t get invested in them.

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