TV Obituaries: RIP Fringe

fringeseriesfinale_waltercryFringe left us on Friday night after a long and arduous battle with cancellation to board that great cloud in the sky with the other genre shows that were taken too soon (Firefly, Pushing Daisies, etc.).  While it still ended too soon, much of Fringe‘s run is a miracle.  It spent five seasons on the bubble, even surviving the Friday curse, never sure if it would make it to the next.  However, this seemed to only invigorate the show, making each season more compelling than the last.

I know there are those out there who have been disappointed in the this latest season, but I will fight anyone that was not satisfied with the series finale.  Were there some potential holes in the science and events that took place in that two-hour block? Yes.  Did that stop me from bawling like a baby for most of that two-hour block? No, because in the end it perfectly captured everything that Fringe was about: science, parallel universes, humanity, family, and love.  It was the best kind of sci-fi show.  One that perfectly combined hard science with the sentimental.

I particularly loved the quite apropos comments that Walter made in his farewell video to Peter about having shared “stolen time.”  We truly did share stolen time with Fringe. Time that the entertainment industry can’t seem to afford with other shows.  Time to tell their story and give a proper conclusion to said story.  While this one left me in tears, it was also able to do what only the best TV can do: restore my faith in humanity and television.

Let us raise our white tulips and Observer hats to Fringe.


4 thoughts on “TV Obituaries: RIP Fringe

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  2. I love Fringe. I was so sad when they discontinue the show. I am a Sci-Fi fan, who likes to expands my brains to imagine the possible or impossible

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