Fangirly Crush of the Week: Graham Norton

5252100205_85549a96b12009 was a pretty big year for me: I aced the PSAT, was granted exclusive driving rights to my mom’s super sexy 1993 Honda Civic, and was finally, finally deemed old enough to watch The Graham Norton Show on BBC America. To this day I’m not sure where my love of TGNS originated. All I can say is that to me, it seemed like the perfect blend of hilarity, raunchy innuendo, and good-natured chat show fun (think The Late Show meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse). It also doesn’t hurt that Mr. Norton himself is, without exception, the coolest TV personality on either side of the Pond. Case and point, the guest on last weeks episode was THE Billie Piper. I have to assume that Graham saw our Billie Piper “Honey to the Bee” post and set up that interview as a special treat to me. He’s just that kind of guy, folks. If you’re still not on the Graham Norton train, feast your eyes on this clip of some of the shows best moments.


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