Fangirly Exposed!: Beauty and the Beast


Confession: I am currently entrenched in more CW shows than ever before and I’m talking almost every CW show.  To clarify, I am not a fifteen-year old girl.  In fact, I have even surpassed the target 18-24 demo.

I know I am in a safe space here, which is why I am going to talk to you about my current investment, Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know why, but I feel like this is currently the most shameful CW show right now.  Even if you think there is one more shameful, I probably watch that, as well.

I’m not going to come on here and argue Beauty and the Beast’s case for a Best Drama Emmy or anything, but I have to say, I am enjoying this show. Let’s see if I can do the impossible and sell you on it’s pretty cheesy plot.

Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) was saved by a mysterious, beastly creature years ago.  Now, this tiny little wisp of a girl is a cop out of some vengeance over her mother’s death.  She works a case that leads her to Vincent (magically delicious Jay Ryan) who is presumed dead.  She eventually encounters him, because like all good supernatural heroes, he is incapable of NOT stepping in when she is danger.  She comes to learn that he becomes beastly because he was part of a government project to create super soldiers that went awry.  He is in hiding from a government agency that is looking for him, but he steps out in the night to be a sort of vigilante.  But now, Catherine is awakening new “beastly” feelings within him and they have to figure out how to date while still maintaining his secret.

So, maybe that wasn’t a great sell, but bear with me.  I, of course, come for the romance and some of the dramatic intrigue over his secret.  The reason I feel like this romance stands is that almost from the beginning, these two have made it pretty clear to each other that they like the other.  The romantic tension comes from the fact that they don’t know how to be together because a) he is supposed to be dead and her whole precinct knows it, b) he kind of turns into this gnarly-faced beast every now and then, c) there is this whole group that wants his blood and by deafult, hers to get to him.

It’s a pretty classic superhero-meets-girl story line, but it is a nice change with all of these Castle/Bones will they/won’t they story lines that make us wait 3 -6 seasons for anything to happen.  They know they want to at least try and be together, but they have a myriad of things stopping them.

If I still haven’t sold you, just…


I didn’t want to resort to that, but you forced my hand.  You made this tawdry! I have to go wipe the filth from my keybroad.  But seriously, look at him.  You’ll tune in.


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